Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wolverines Blogging: Go State

Michigan loses 34-21. I'd say they fell apart in the second half but they were never really in the game to begin with. State outplayed them, out hit them, and out hustled them. Even though the Wolverines defense played great, the Spartans seemingly gained yards whenever they wanted. While on the other side of the ball...

Well, the agonizing thing about this Michigan team is that they show flashes. Promising bursts of what might have been or what might they might one day become. Then they take a dump on the field and you rub your eyes, the vision gone. What's left is a bad football team with an even worse record. And, the sad thing is, Michigan probably shouldn't even have that. Just like in this game, their flashes of competence have been ever so fleeting and they've struggled all year long. When they have succeeded it's been because of flukes or luck - like their first score today which came from a gift turnover inside the Spartan's zone.

It's going to take a while to get over this loss.

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