Friday, October 24, 2008

M.Night Shyamalan Contacted Her Agent Immediately

You know that story about the McCain worker who got mugged, then beat, then had a B scratched into the side of her face by an insane Obama supporter?

The one that was so perfectly tuned to so many deep-seated racial and cultural fears?

The one that sounded too good for McCain to be true? A white woman attacked, maimed, while courageously travelling to the "wrong side" (Seriously? Bloomfield, Pittsburgh? Honey, come to the D if you want to see some real shady places some time.). By a black man in one of the largest cities in probably the most important swing state this year? Painting every point of the fake America into one convenient story.

Yeah, turns out it was faked.

Game over, indeed. Game over, man.

I held off talking about it because (Well, okay, because no one reads this blog and what I say doesn't really matter but, you know, humor me here.) it sounded really suspicious. As with Joe the Patsy, my carefully calibrated bullshit meter went through the roof. Still, when I first heard about it there a sickening feeling in my gut that the story could be true. I wondered if I shouldn't post something about how the actions of one lone nut don't change anything, shouldn't change anything but probably would.

And then I saw that picture.

And that's when I became sure the whole thing was just another lie.

It wasn't just the mirror-reversed "B". It was that the wound was described as a "scar" and turned out to look more like a scratch. Not even a cut. The kind of raised, red bruising you get when you run a fingernail or a pentip over your skin.

I don't know who put this woman up to it or even if they did. Maybe it was all just some scheme she hatched on her own and nursed in private, the lone actions of a madwoman and all. But I know for sure that plenty of people pushed this story and made it a big deal. As sad a commentary on the state of our republic as anything, I suppose. But the saddest thing is that I didn't think it was unbelievable that a McCain worker would like about something so awful in the hopes of helping out her candidate.


Your modern conservative movement.

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