Friday, October 24, 2008

Guild Wars: Spooky Quest

Bloody motherfucking hell.

Apparently the master level difficulty of this quest is figuring out just where the hell you should go.

Oh, hello. In between obsing matches and just generally counting down the minutes until the Brawl started again, I've been working on finishing up Spooky's Quest. You know, the series of encounters that picking up that Golem hero MOX leads you to, I talked about them before. My old pal from back in the day at Guru, the guy I'll forever know as Spooky, well, he worked on it apparently and that fills me with no small amount of misplaced pride.

At the moment, though, my appreciation for his fine craftsmanship is starting to fade. Having conquered the three bosses I'm trying to find the annoying little quest giver so I can reap my just rewards. 50K XP and 10k GP is nothing to sniff at, after all, even though I can't really use either. At this point, it's about the principle of the thing.

But I have absolutely no clue where I should be going. There's no guide, no help,and I refuse to look up the answer at some website. This is between me and the game, I don't need no damn help. But there's no quest arrow or anything. I forget sometimes just what a welcome feature those little glowing arrows you get nowadays were. There was a time (Back roughly around when we had to climb ten miles uphill – IN THE SNOW – just in order to log in, of course. Also, snow leopards would eat you if you entered the wrong password.) when you had to figure out just where to head yourself, teasing out the knowledge from the quest text. One way of getting people to pay attention to it, I guess. I suppose that's what I'll have to do now because I have no idea where this Zinn guy is hiding.

(Not Really an) Update:

I think I found the guy. There's a picture in the quest book that reminds me of somewhere I've been before. Can't place it exactly but it's definitely in the jungle somewhere. I'm actually a little pleased with myself now for having puzzled this out.

Another (Not Quite an) Update:

The Falls. It's in the Falls. I thought it looked familiar. I remember traipsing here way back when. Maybe it was in the test. Maybe it was back when I still had the urge to explore and see the wonders that lay in store. Whenever it was, it was well before they came up with things like Explorer tracks or Totem Axes or any other rewards than simply having accomplished something.

Yet Another (Sort of ) Update:

Okay, so, I've found the picture in the book. I'm at the waterfalls depicted and I don't even want to talk about the long trek I had to take through three blasted zones to get here – after having combed through the Strade and other areas already in vain. I'm not going to complain about that at all. Because the question I have at the moment is, “Now what?” I'm here, I've tried every emote I can think of, I've clicked everywhere remotely interesting, and I've paved enough critters that I'd wished I turned on Hard Mode and went for the Vanquisher track. Now I'm banging my head against the keyboard in frustration because I haven't figured out what comes next.

Final (Really) Update:


I was running around for ages until someone kindly mentioned to me in passing that you had to have MOX in your party to even get into this secret lair place.

So, I warp back into town all the way three zones over and switch out one set of AI for the hulking brute of a Dervish. Fucking useless piece of junk. And then I trek all the way back. Fight my way through the spiders and trolls and wind riders and, yep, there's a big, fat bit of yellow text to click on. Figures.

There's not even any enemies to fight inside. No climactic boss battle. Just a straight walk to pick up the reward. Oh, and a Invader Zim joke that almost made me smile. Almost. Might have if it wasn't a fucking Asura. Those piranha faced little rug sharks have always put me off. It's like I told the guy, I'll take your gold, sir, but I don't have to like it. Accepting a reward has never made me feel so dirty.

And thinking about doing this all over again with my other characters has made me extremely depressed.

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