Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Election Thoughts

John McCain wants to spread the wealth around too. It's just that he wants to shovel it onto the richest top percent of this country and leave the rest of us to beg and scrap for the crumbs. That's, after all, not the Republican rhetoric but the actual results of their policies as far as I can see. But that's not really what this is about. All taxation involves some amount of wealth redistribution, even a flat tax takes money from the public and channels it into programs to stimulate and provide, and as crazy as the right is I don't think they're ready to get rid of taxation just yet. No, McCain talks about spreading the wealth and socialism because, like so much out of conservative mouths, it's a double-sided message. Plain words that have coded meaning. And, in this case, what's he's saying is not that Obama's going to take your wealth. But that's he's going to turn around and give it to the darkies. It's disgusting, it's despicable, and it's a shame that this is how our national discourse is - of course, since we're also a nation where even just knowing an Arab is a forbidden thing, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. What I can be is ashamed. And what I will do is head to the polls this Tuesday and do my best to vote this line of thought and the people who support it out of office. If I could vote them out of the country I would but, you know, I guess I'm not a real American because I don't think there's some sort of litmus test for citizenship. To the contrary, I think living in this country and living up to its ideas means that you think people can believe whatever they want, no matter how crazy it is.

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