Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Guild Wars: Oh Good

Word from on high is that there might be some build tweaks for the Costume Brawl, after all. Good thing since last year's models are getting a little long in the tooth.

But, rather than simple revisions, I'd like to see a comlpete overhaul. New builds for a new year. Different roles for the different professions. Even a split in the genders and have a template for each skin (Maybe the men could be the new ones while the females could be the old models.). Or have several different possible disguises for each profession with a different build for each.

But, instead of a CripSlash Warrior, even a reworked one, I'd like to play a Hammer Warrior. Or maybe a Shock Axe. Instead of the venerable split-friendly archer, a Touch Ranger or a Spear Chucker. Instead of the same sorry old SF Ele, whip up something with Shatterstone instead. Instead of whatever unholy monstrocity they inflicted on the Mesmer bar, let us run around with IW or just anything else.

Mix the bars up, in other words, throw everything for a loop. Make it random, make it unpredictable, and give everything a different feel this year. You wouldn't go to the same Halloween Party in the same costume every year, would you? So why have the same old soup when we could stir the pot?

It'll never happen, of course, because it smacks of work. But, still, it's nice to dream.

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