Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Thoughts During the Debate

Wait, so, you have to go to a McCain rally to be patriotic now? Good to know.

McCain's seriously not complaining about T-Shirts is he? He's going to be winding up the whambulance about the nasty kids on his lawn next.

Right, because a snarky comment on a T-shirt is really the equivalent to threatening violence against a presidential candidate or harassing news crews that happen to be of a different ethnicity.

Moral equivalency my ass.

Joe the Plumber is rich now. So he can safely tell the rest of the country to piss off. What he doesn't understand, what fuckwads against “redistributing wealth” like McCain don't get, is that we're all better off if we're all more wealthy. If he sets aside some of that pile of money to make sure that his workers have health care and his customers have homes then, soon enough, he's going to get more business and an even bigger pile of money. It's not stealing his wealth away, it's investing it in a better future. But, no, Joe wants to horde his wealth while the rest of the country burns to ashes. That's what Obama is getting at when he says it's patriotic to pay more in taxes. The rich people in this country have gotten rich because of this country. Because they live in a system and a place where their hard work can be rewarded. Having gotten wealthy, it's not right for them to gather up their riches and keep them for themselves, it's part of the compact of this country that they use some of those funds to help everyone else get a similar opportunity. Not to strip mine your wealth off of the backs of other hard workers.

Not many folks know that McCain raises the conservative banner when it comes to a woman's right to choose, so he may have just opened up a can of worms with his discussion of abortion. And he might have just slit his wrists on the jagged edge with his scare quoting “health”.

Seriously, what's up with the lizard tongue? McCain does this weird little lip flick thing. And he tends to do it whenever he's lying. Weird tell.

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