Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rex Does Kongai: The First Patch

ROCKER 1. Big Bopper (v4)
Resistance: Down to 4/0/0 from 6/1/0
Innate: Healing down to 10 from 15.
Skill #3: Renamed Backbeat Bop. Functionality changed. Formerly dealt damage and then healed at end of next turn. Now, deals damage and, for the next turn, heals on opponent's next attack. Effectively, this lowers a foe's damage considerably.
Skill #4: Renamed Doo-Wop Ditty. Cost lowered to 40 from 50. Duration raised to 6 from 4.

Innate healing has gone down. Along with lowering resistance, this makes the Bopper easier to out-damage. His Echo has been altered to proc its heal not after the delay of a turn but the next time his foe attacks. This should proc immediately effectively lowering an opponent's damage by 15. Except in cases of lethal damage since that might create an infinite life loop. This proc will either happen during a turn if Skill #3's priority is higher or will create a dillema for an opponent the next turn - they'll either have to not attack or attack with lowered damage and, either way, the Bopper will have more health than otherwise. These changes are intended to make Bopper both less hardy and more dependent on his effects for his survival, playing into the idea that he needs to be hit hard and fast to be overcome.

ROCKER 2. Glammer (v3)
Name changed to Nigel Thurston, the Celestial Showman
Health: Down to 65 from 70.
Resistance: Down to 0/5/1 from 0/8/2
Innate: Now restricted to only count buffs on Glammer himself. Energy gain lowered to 5 from 10. Formely extended maximum energy now results in bonus energy (Temporary boost to both current and maximum.) and this bonus lasts for the next 4 turns.
Skill #1: Name changed to Moon Struck. Functionality changed. Formerly stole energy when hitting a stunned target (Target loses, you gain that amount). Now drains energy against stunned target (Target loses but you don't gain.).
Skill #2: Cost increased from (65) to (70). Damage lowered to 42 from 52. Functionality changed. Formerly procced a team-wide buff that cancelled debuffs and replaced them with heals. Now procs a heal over time effect, causing all teammates to gain 2for4 health (8 HOT).
Skill #3: Hit rate lowered to 95 from 100. Proc rate lowered to 70 from 100. Now effectively procs 66% of the time.
Skill #4: Cost lowered to 30 from 50.

These changes should help reduce the risk of a stun and step - the Glammer now has only about a 2/3rds chance of stunning his opponent at the end of the next turn. The damage from his nuke has also been lowered and its cost raised. Along with the change to restrict his innate, this should reduce the threat of forcing a stun into a heavy strike. Finally, the cost of Glammer's Ballad and the effectiveness of the buff from his Solo have been addressed so that they are more useful to Glammer while remaining beneficial to his team. Reducing the Ballad cost still will not result in a net energy gain but, instead, will merely push the cost of the skill into subsequent rounds where it may be more useful. While the Stardust Memories buff becomes a heal over time, making it more immediately useful and less dependent on an opponent's moves.

ROCKER 3. Schlocker (v4)
Name changed to Votan One-Eye, the Heavy Metal Thunderer
Resistance: Lowered to 2/0/4 from 3/0/5
Innate: Increase to crit rate lowered to +23% from +30%. With Schlocker's high natural crit rates, this sets his crit rate to a base 33% against Bleeding opponents.
Skill #1. Damage lowered to 20 from 25. Bleed proc lowered to 4for4(16) from 6for3(18). Now effectively deals an average of ? damage. Strikes for 20 or 24/36over4. Crits raise this to 30 and 34/46over4.
Skill #2. Cost lowered to 15 from 20. Resistance gained raised to +6/+3/+6 from +2/+2/+2. No longer ends on physical hit.
Skill #3. Bleed procs lowered to 2for4(8) from 3for3. Now procs Bleeds only for the next turn down from 2, causing a drop in total DOT to 16 from 27. Crit multiplier raised to 2x from 1.5x. Now effectively deals an average of ? damage. Strikes for 15 or 17/31over5. Crits raise this to 30 and 32/46over5.

With these changes, we've cut Votan's damage across the board. He now hits for less, on average, and that damage is spread over more turns. This should lower the number of turns it takes for Votan's damage to become lethal. It should also make his ability to raise his damage through increasing his crits more important. Lowering his innate's bonus should also help in this regard, making Votan rely more on his buffs for more crit chances. Lastly, we've drastically improved Skill #2, in the hopes of making it relevant - we may have overshot the mark here, though.

ROCKER 4. Grunger (v2)
Name changed to Eddie Curtis, the Voice of a Generation


Moving on.

ROCKER 5. Thrasher (v3)
Innate: Functionality changed. Formerly raised speeds by 1 for each successive turn on the field. Now raises speed by 3 for the next 2 turns with each successful hit.

Here, we've dropped the cumulative innate that threatens to create insanely high priorities for skills that don't need them. Instead, we've gone with an innate which should tie into Izzy's “next hit” theme. Now, when she hits someone the next turn she'll hit faster – just as she can hit better or harder. Limiting the duration here will cap her speed boosts at +6.

ROCKER 6. Strummer (v4)
Innate: Bonus health gained lowered to 5 from 10. Resistance gained raised to +2/+2/+2 from +1/+1/+1.
Skill #2: No longer gains resistance based on opponent's resistance. Now a flat gain of +4/+3/+3.
Skill #4: Functionality changed. Formerly added damage and health based on the number of buffs on each character. Now, for 4 turns, increases chance to crit by 10% for each buff and refreshes any buffs when a crit is made.

We've tweaked the innate slightly, giving it a gentle downwards nudge. Now it adds more resistance and less health, offering less protection over all. Still, each buff effectively lowers an opponent's damage by 7 (Down from 11) but the extra resistance will hamper multi-hits more. We've also fiddled around with the effects of Skills #2&4. Juke Box's Solo formerly checked his opponent's highest resistance and then added to his, making it overly complicated. With a flat boost it's easier to understand its effects on his resistance against the general field and, thus, balance. Juke Box's Ballad has been altered completely. It still has an additive effect based on the number of buffs in play but it is now completely offensive in nature. Playing into the Rocker's minor theme of high crits by increasing crit rates and complimenting Skill #1 by extending the duration of any buffs when a crit is scored. This means that now, JBH doesn't have to be on the field in order to help buffs last longer – Rock Anthem can now be used to give others the ability to do what he does (better) with Strum.

Working on the items, won't be long now.

Until then, in case the above wasn't good enough, here's what they'll look like the compendium:

Name: Alvis Priestly
Title: The Big Bopper
Innate: When Alvis critically hits he is healed for 10.
HP: 80
RES: 4/0/0
Bar (v4)

  1. Sock Hop. 30En, 3spd, 26dmg, Phys. 95Hit, 100proc, 25crit. This old school dance whacks your foe over the head, with a high chance to score a critical hit (25crit). Close.
  2. Bop Around the Clock. 70En, 4spd, 22dmg, Phys. 90Hit, 100proc. With a skip and a jump, a twist and a whirl, you hit all of your foes, giving them each a solid whack. Close.
  3. Backbeat Bop. 40En, 7spd, 25dmg, Light. 95Hit, 100proc. For the next turn, when your opponent attacks, you are healed for 15. Far.
  4. Doo-Wop Ditty. 50En, 5spd, Light. 100Hit, 100proc. Your team gains a 25% chance to critically hit for the next 4 turns. Both.

Name: Nigel Thurston
Title: the Celestial Showman
Innate: The Celestial Showman gains 5 bonus energy for each of his buffs.
HP: 65
RES: 0/5/1
Bar (v3)
  1. Lunar Strike. 35En, 4spd, 24dmg, Dark. 95Hit, 100proc. Your music strike with tidal force. If you opponent is stunned, then you steal 30 energy from them. Close.
  2. Starduster. 70En, 6spd, 42dmg, Light. 100Hit, 50proc. When you finish this spacey tune there is a chance your team gains Stardust Memories for the next 4 turns. (Stardust Memories: You gain 2 health at the end of each turn (2for4. 8 HOT). Close.
  3. Haunting Melody. 35En, 3spd, 12dmg, Dark. 95Hit, 70proc. At the end of the next turn, your lyrics sink in and your opponent is stunned for the next turn. If they are already stunned then they take 12 light damage. Far.
  4. Power Ballad. 30En, 5spd, Light. 100Hit, 100proc. Your team gains an additional 5 energy at the end of each turn for the next 6 turns. Both.

Name: Votan One-Eye
Title: the Heavy Metal Thunderer
Innate: Votan's chance to critically hit is raised by 23% when his foe is Bleeding.
HP: 70
RES: 2/0/4
Bar (v4)
  1. Wicked Axe. 30En, 4spd, 20dmg, Dark. 95Hit, 75proc, 10crit. The edge of your guitar has a high chance to make your foe Bleed, dealing 4 damage for 4 turns (16 DOT). Close.
  2. Spiked Armor. 15En, 3spd, Phys. 100Hit, 100proc. Wearing your fearsome battle armor for the next 3 turns, you gain +6/+3/+6 resistance. When you are hit by a physical attack your attacker Bleeds, taking 2 damage for 5 turns (10 DOT). Both.
  3. Guillotine Guitar Strings. 35En, 6spd, 15dmg, Dark. 100Hit, 100Proc, 10Crit, 2xMult. Razor sharp strings lash your opponent, causing new wounds to appear over time. This turn and the next, your opponent Bleeds, taking 2 damage for 4 turns (8 DOT. 16 DOT total). Far.
  4. Heavy Metal. 40En, 5spd, Dark. 100Hit, 100proc. Your team gains 15% chance to critically hit for the next 3 turns. When a critical hit is made, their foe Bleeds, taking 6 damage for 3 turns (18 DOT). Both.

Name: Eddie Curtis
Title: The Voice of a Generation
Innate: When Curtis Edwards is hit by an attack, that attack's speed is lowered by 1 and the speed of all of Curtis's skills are raised by 1 for the next 5 turns.
HP: 70
RES: 1/3/3
Bar (v2.3)
  1. Downbeat. 40En, 6spd, 24dmg, Dark. 95Hit, 60proc. A chance your foe loses 15 energy. Close.
  2. Depressing Lyrics. 50En, 2spd, 40dmg, Phys. 95Hit, 90proc. A chance your foe has Ruptured Eardrums for the next 3 turns. (Ruptured Eardrums: You lose 10 energy at the end of each turn.). Far.
  3. Angst. 30En, 3spd, Phys. 100Hit, 100proc. You foe's chance to hit is lowered by 15% for the next 4 turns. If your foe has Ruptured Eardrums then they take 1 damage for every point of energy they lose. If they run out of energy then they take 25 damage and Ruptured Eardrums ends. Far.
  4. Team Spirit. 50En, 5spd, Dark. 100Hit, 100proc. Your team gains +3 resistance (+3/+3/+3) and a 25% chance to dodge all attacks for the next 4 turns. Both.

Name: Izzy Knowles
Title: The Headbanger's Doll
Innate: When Izzy hits her foe her speed is raised by 3 for the next 2 turns.
HP: 70
RES: 2/0/4
Bar (v2.2)
  1. Headbang. 25En, 2spd, 24dmg, Phys. 90Hit, 100proc. Your opponent reels back as you slam your head into them. Their reflexes slowed, you'll be able to hit them if they try to flee next turn. (Reeling: You will be hit if fleeing.) Close.
  2. Power Chord. 60En, 7spd, 45dmg, Light. 95Hit, 95proc. A fast and hard piece of music rocks your foe. Close.
  3. Reverb. 35En, 8spd, 18dmg, Phys. 100Hit, 100proc. A burst of sound makes your opponent's ears ring, lowering their defenses next turn. (Ringing In the Ears: You take 50% more damage from attacks.) Far.
  4. Speed Metal. 40En, 5spd, Phys. 100Hit, 100proc. Your team gains 2 speed for the next 4 turns. Both.

Name: Tommy Fender
Title: The Juke Box Hero
Innate: Tommy gains 1 resistance (+1/+1/+1) and 10 bonus health for each of his buffs.
HP: 60
RES: 0/4/0
Bar (v3)
  1. Strum. 25En, 6spd, 15dmg, Light. 95Hit, 100proc. You strum along with the tune, adding an extra turn of duration to your buffs. Ballads gain an additional turn of duration. Close.
  2. High Note. 55En, 2spd, 36dmg, Phys. 95Hit, 100proc. You hit the high note and your opponent at the same time. Afterwards, they find you harder to hit as your resistance is raised (+4/+3/+3). Close.
  3. Hot Lick. 20En, 3spd, Light. 100Hit, 100proc. Your blazing hot licks are searing. So hot that for each of the next 2 turns your opponent begins to Burn, taking 3 damage for 3 turns (9 DOT. 27 DOT total.). Far.
  4. Rock Anthem. 40En, 5spd, Phys. 100Hit, 100proc. For the next 4 turns your team increases their chance to critically hit by 10% for each buff they possess. When a critical hit is made all buffs are refreshed, gaining an extra turn of duration. Both.

Bonus content!

Who's in and who's out?

  • Gangster #1
  • Gangster #4
  • Rocker #1
  • Rocker #3
  • Rocker #5

On the bubble:
  • Gangster #2
  • Gangster #3
  • Gangster #6
  • Gangster #7
  • Rocker #2
  • Rocker #6

Headed out the Door:
  • Gangster #5
  • Rocker #4

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