Friday, October 24, 2008

Rex Does Kongai: Apologies

I know you're all waiting on baited breath for the next installment. And, trust me, it's coming. I've just been wrapped up in so much lately and so many things are coming to a head that this project is suffering. I've got only a week left and two groups to go through and the more I stall, the more work I have to pick up the next time. I should have more by the end of the weekend although I can't make any promises. Because, you know, Costume Brawl. I've been waiting a year for this, and I'm not going to pass up the chance to get my Brawl on. So, I'm setting aside my scattered notes for the night and that leaves me, again, without a coherent post. But I fully intend to see this through and get the cards out there, at least in embryonic state by the end of the month.

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