Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NFL Blogging: Megatron is Lonely

I was never sure if should be called Starscream or Galvatron. Guess I'll never know since Roy Williams has been traded.

In a trade that had been widely choreographed beforehand, the former Longhorns standout was shipped off to the Oh-no-Romo Stars for a package of draft picks. Can't say I'm shocked since it's a deal that had been rumored for a while now. And tandems of star receivers don't last very long - it happened with TO and Rice, after all (Might be so poetic justice on the way there, by the way. Dallas is looking fierce, though. But they'll have to hold on until they get their signalcaller back from his broken pinky finger. Detroit, on the other hand, not so much. Losing Williams turns an already one-dimensional offense even thinner. The Lions can't really run the ball so now teams will be free to tee off on Johnson and whichever of the rookie QBs is taking the snaps. No, losing their only semi-probowler isn't going to help. But, then, it's not like this season was going anywhere anyway.). So, either Williams or Johnson was going to go, one way or the other. At least this way the Lions get something out of it beyond the usual addition by subtraction. I take it what clinched the deal was that Dallas finally threw in a first round pick.

No, what's surprising here is that the Lions did the smart thing here, picking up a raft of draft picks. Some valuable ones in the early rounds, including a first overall. But that's like giving more money to your junkie friend – you just know whatever the wad, they're going to blow it and be right back where they started.

What the Lions need more than anything is an infusion of talent but their drafting recently has been horrendous. That's really where losing Millen helps. Although it all depends on the team replacing him. If it's the same braintrust that's been spinning their wheels for the past decade then all the high picks in the world aren't going to help. But that thread of hope is a strong one. If the Lions can be smart about the draft, too, it's not like teams can't quickly climb out of the cellar in the NFL. And maybe, just maybe this team can turn it arou---

Yeah, I can't believe it, either.

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