Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rex Does Kongai: Sketching in the Pyschopaths

So behind. Counting today, there are only four more days left in the month. And we're well behind schedule since I haven't even started on the Psychos yet, let alone the Necros. Completely my fault but, you know how it is, just misjudged how long certain other commitments would take and haven't had the time. As it is, I have until the end of the month to get the next two groups of six characters done if I want to meet my self-imposed deadline. And I really do.

At the moment, though, I can't see any other way out of it. I can hold to the standard of so-so quality that I've set so far and fail to live up to my goals. Or I can move the goalposts and slack-ass my way to self-proclaimed victory by doing something less than what I wanted to do. I think you know which one I'm going to choose. So, I'm going to throw out my original guideline and try to figure out a way to speed this up.

You know what's really slowing me down at the moment? The flavor. All the names and backstories and art and stuff, and all the commentary I've been trying to add as I go along. I just can't get my head around it at the moment, I don't have the time to do it, and it's dragging the whole project down. So, you know what? I'm just going to forget about them for now. Might make for some agonizingly bad and rushed work by the end of the project as I rush to catch up but, at this point, something's got to give.

So, in this installment you're getting the absolute bare bones. Just a rough copy of my notes (helpfully cleaned up so you can actually read it) for the initial layout of the Psycho group.

The plan has changed a bit since their inception (I've, you know, been working on them behind the scenes for a while now.). But they're still a nasty group of interrupting reflectors that include a new mechanic that I call mimicry. Simply put, certain Psychos can use the moves of other characters. Not all of them but the ones that can't tend to have powerful interrupts so you can roughly divide the line into Mimic and Interrupt Psychos. I'll let you figure out which is which.

Keep in mind, though, that the Psychos aren't intended as a group of competitive cards - look to the Rockers or the Gangsters if you want that. By their very nature, they're pretty random and as liable to go up in flames as they are to work. Instead, the Psychos are generally going to be a bunch of cards that would be fun to play around with rather than a batch that's tournament ready.

Here they are, then:

Innate: Attacks are typed in opponent's lowest resistance (Phys -> Light -> Dark, if tied.)

  1. Skill 1. Ego Assault. Moderate damage (24? Or multi-hit 7x4/28?). Chance (50proc) to disable target's innate for next several turns (3). Moderate cost (40), moderate speed (6). Close. Dark.
  2. Skill 2. Night Terrors. Moderate multi-hit damage (8x3/24?). Chance to interrupt (75proc). Moderate cost (30), high speed (8). Close. Dark.
  3. Skill 3. Thought Stealer. Mimic. Locks one of target foe's skills at random for next several turns (4). While that skill remains locked, this skill is replaced by target's skill. High cost (50+), low speed (3). Both. Dark. // Proc rate?
  4. Skill 4. Bad Dream. Mimic. Chance (75proc) to copy opponent's move this turn. No cost (0), high speed (10). Far. Dark.

Innate: Can equip any item OR Has resistance, health, and innate of any other character at random (determined first time enters play.).
  1. Skill 1. Inverse Axe. Moderate damage (24). Chance (30) to reflect attack if first. Moderate to high cost (50), high speed (7). Close? Phys.
  2. Skill 2. Copy Paster. Mimic. Copy opponent's move from last turn (100proc). Low cost (20), ultra-high speed (10). Both. Phys. // How does this deal with invalid ranges?
  3. Skill 3. Taskmaster Twist. Chance to repeat last turn's move (80proc?). No cost (0), high speed (10?). Both. Phys. // How does this deal with invalid ranges?
  4. Skill 4. Roulette Strike. Mimic. Performs another character's move at random. (Maybe resrict to moves from characters from group of item? If General = own group? If second innate then maybe group of other characters in play? Also, restrict to skills usable at given range. And/or only attacks.) Moderate cost (30), high speed (10). Both. Phys.

Innate: Gains the innate and resistance of its opponent.
  1. Skill 1. Blood Brothers. Moderate damage (@25?). Drains health (High). Moderate cost, low speed. Close? Phys. // Requires/Unlocked by Link?
  2. Skill 2. Sympathetic Link. Debuff. For next several turns, damage you take is suffered by target as well. Moderate to high cost, low speed. Both? Phys?
  3. Skill 3. Memorize. Mimic. If attacked, this skill is replaced by that skill for the next several turns. Moderate cost, high speed (10?). Both. Dark.
  4. Skill 4. Evil Twin. Buff. If your opponent is buffed, they lose a buff and you gain it. No cost, low speed. Both. Dark.

Innate: Deals low damage (15?) to opponent when switched in.
  1. Skill 1. Hamstring. Low damage (12~18). Debuffs target. For next several turns, skills are slower and changing ranges costs more. Moderate to low cost, high to moderate speed. Close. Phys.
  2. Skill 2. Disembowel. High damage (30+). Target debuffed. Max health lowered for next several turns (-30 or by half?). High cost, low speed.
  3. Skill 3. Crazed Slashes. Moderate multi-hit damage (30~40). Interrupts. Moderate cost, high speed. Close. Dark.
  4. Skill 4. Raving Madness. Buff. Attacks cost less energy (10?) and have a higher chance to crit (+22%?) for next several turns. Type changed?. Both. Dark.

Innate: Gains Dodge for health lost by opponent (2% HP for 1% Dodge? 25Dodge at 50% health.)
  1. Skill 1. Shadow Stab. Random target takes low damage (12). On field target debuffed. After x turns (1~2) they take moderate damage (@20~30). Moderate to low cost, high speed. Close. Dark.
  2. SKill 2. Shadow Step. Deals moderate to high damage (30+). Chance (50?) to set range to opposite. Moderate to high cost, moderate to high speed. Both. Dark.
  3. Skill 3. Shadow Strike. Free switch, Shadow switches out on successful hit. Target debuffed. Shadow switches back in after next time they're hit. High cost, low speed. Close. Dark.
  4. Skill 4. Penumbra Shroud. Buff. Target takes damage at end of next turn when they hit Shadow? Damage increases per hit? Low cost, low speed. Both. Dark. // A Dodge debuff would seem to be the natural fit but might be too strong with the innate. Maybe innate only affects physical attacks and this extends it to magical skills?

Innate: ? Something that makes debuffs more effective?
  1. Skill 1. Crippling Blow. Moderate damage (@15~20). Target debuffed. For next few turns, when target is debuffed they take additional damage (@15~20, Dark). Moderate cost, low speed. Close. Phys.
  2. Skill 2. Needling Strike. Light damage. Discharges DOTs. If target is debuffed, they are interrupted (and lose one debuff?). Low cost, high speed. Close. Dark.
  3. Skill 3. Brimstone Lash. Moderate to high damage (30+, multi-hit?). Chance to Burn (low to moderate. 4for3?). Moderate cost (30~40), moderate speed. Far. Phys.
  4. Skill 4. Barbs / Phantom Pain. Debuff. For next several turns, when opponent is debuffed they are Poisoned (moderate to low. 2for4?). Low cost, low speed. Both. Dark.

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