Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rex Does Kongai: Sketching in the Necromancers

Second verse, same as the first. Going to just pump out the basic shadow bars for the Necros here. I'd like to add more but, at this point, I need to get moving on these groups.

Like the Psychos, the Necros are not necessarily a realistic group. They're more of a clearing house for my mad ideas. And given how far out there some of the things I've tossed out so far happen to be, you can imagine what's you're in store for here. They feature, well, some nutty stuff and rather extreme mechanics that are probably unworkable. But that would sure be fun to play with.

Here they are:

Innate: Heals for high (40HP?) when critically hit.

  1. Skill 1. Resurrection. Living Teammates lose high energy (50+). Random dead card in hand is exploited and comes back to life with full health and energy but will die again in 2+(living cards) turns. N1 is switched out and that card is switched in. Cooldown: Moderate to high (5~10). Ultra high cost (100), moderate to low speed. Both. Light.
  2. Skill 2. Healing Jolt. Teammates lose moderate energy (50?). Team begins regenerating moderate health for next several turns. Low to moderate costs (10~20), low speed. Close. Light.
  3. Skill 3. Electric Blast. Teammates lose moderate energy (40?). Target is struck for daamge depending on amount of energy lst. Moderate to high cost, high speed. Far. Dark.
  4. Skill 4. Unmarked Flask. Vial of unknown liquid deals moderate damage and has a random effect (Stun, Burn, etc, procced at random.). Moderate to low cost, low speed. Both. Phys.

Innate: Guard. When in hand, has a chance (low to moderate) to intercept and take damage meant for his teammates.
  1. Skill 1. Leg Breaker. Opponent's movement costs are raised by an amount (low) for next several turns. Both? Phys.
  2. Skill 2. Bloody Fists. Moderate damage. Drains health and heals teammate with lowest health (+Drain?). Moderate cost, low speed. Close. Phys.
  3. Skill 3. Tombstone Slam. Moderate to high damage (@40). Heals for 25 on kill. Moderate to high cost, low speed. Close. Phys.
  4. Skill 4. Vivification Process. Buff. for the next several turns, you cannot die until the end of the turn (Can't die from damage, can die from degeneration or other affects. Attack->Heal->Debuffs) and you gain an amount of health depending on the number of living teammates you have (15 per? 0 if no one else is alive) at the end of each turn. High cost, very low speed. Both? Phys.

Innate: I Shall Return. When killed, ressurrects after x turns (Moderate. 5?) with 2/3rds maximum health and 10 less maximum energy. Cooldown: 3 turns. (Doesn't work if exploited?).
  1. Skill 1. Promised Return. Dies, returning to hand (A psuedo-free switch). Returns to life with full health/energy in 3-(Living teammates) turns (Minimum: 1). Cooldown: High (10 turns?). Low cost, moderate to high speed. Both. Dark.
  2. Skill 2. Suicide Pact. Loses all health, dies. Opponent damaged for each point of health lost (3dmg for each 2HP?). Moderate to high cost, moderate to low speed. Close. Dark.
  3. Skill 3. We Belong Dead / Join Me. Debuff. If N3 is dead target takes x damage per turn (High. 15 per?). High cost, moderate speed. Far. Dark.
  4. Skill 4. Bandage Wrap. Moderate damage (@25). Target loses low speed for high turns. Both. Phys.

Innate: Creates x Skeletons at the end of each turn (1+Number of defeated cards in each hand. Max = 5 in 3 Card, 9 in 5.). Skeletons die in a few turns (1~3?). Attack at end of each turn, dealing 4 physical damage. Skeletons prevent x points of damage and are destroyed afterwards. (Essentially, each skeleton raises N3's resistance by a set amount for the next turn. If an opponent doesn't do enough damage and Skeletons remain then they take a certain amount of damage, based on the number of skeletons left.). Skeletons crumble is N3 leaves the field.
  1. Skill 1. Dark Ritual. Buff. For next several turns, Skeleton's damage type is changed to Dark and they deal +6 damage (10 overall). Cooldown: 2. Modeate cost, low speed. Both? Dark. // Affects Zombies too?
  2. Skill 2. Zombie Ritual. Destroys all Skeletons. Exploits defeated card to create a zombie. Zombies have half health and 0/0/0 resist and will randomly use with their cheapest attack (range appropriate?) at 2 speed, intercept, or rest each turn until defeated. Opponents attack Zombies first (Hits all will work as normal. Random target will not.) and they must be defeated before character on field can be hit. Zombie is destroyed if N3 leaves the field. If a Zombie is already alive, no new Zombie is created and, instead, it is healed for 10+1HP per Skeleton. Both? Moderate cost, low speed. Dark. // All Skeletons are destroyed. A random defeated card is exploited and raised as a Zombie. If you already control a Zombie in play, they gain 10HP plus 1HP per Skeleton destroyed.
  3. Skill 3. Bone Growth. Debuff. Opponent takes minor DOT (2~3 per turn). If killed, they are exploited and spawn a mass of Skeletons. Low cost, moderate speed. Both? Dark.
  4. Skill 4. Hack the Bone / Bone Saw. Destroy one Skeleton. If Skeleton is destroyed, target takes damage (@15~20? Type? Phys?). Moderate cost, low speed. Close? Dark/Phys?

Innate: Attacks drain 25% of the damage caused.
  1. Skill 1. Bloody Knife. Moderate damage. Random teammate begins Bleeding (moderate). Chance (50proc?) to cause Bleeding (heavy). Moderate cost, moderate to high speed. Close. Phys.
  2. Skill 2. Blood Boil. Low damage. If target is Bleeding, they take bonus damage and are debuffed (-resist and damage for several?). Both. Dark.
  3. Skill 3. Sacrificial Rite. Teammates lose health (low? 10~15? Includes N5 or not?). Target is struck for high damage (40+). Moderate to high cost, low speed. Far? Dark.
  4. Skill 4. Self-Sacrifice. Lose moderate health, gain moderate energy. No cost, low speed. Both.

Innate: Fresh Graves. Mega-buff on kill (+max hp and next skill can be used for free?).
  1. Skill 1. Dig. If there is a dead opponent, exploits that card and gains high to moderate Dodge (40~50) for several turns. Probably something else, too, since this won't get used much. Low cost, high speed. Both. Dark.
  2. Skill 2. Graveyard Smash. Deals massive damage (60+). Hits fleeing. Unlocked by Dig. Moderate to high cost (65?), high speed. Close. Phys. // Maybe slow speed because of the hits fleeing
  3. Skill 3. Shovel. Moderate damage. Has a slight chance to stun per defeated card (20%?). Moderate cost, moderate speed. Close. Phys.
  4. Skill 4. Throw Dirt. Debuff. Opponent loses hit rate (-30%?) for a few turns (2~3?). If there is an unexploited, defeated card also heals (Moderate. 15~20HP?). Both. Phys.

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