Sunday, October 19, 2008

NHL Blogging: Well, What Do You Know?

The Wings won last night despite being at home. Huh, go figure.

It took overtime, though. That's twice in 5 games, not a good trend.
Also worrying is that through those five games, the Wings have scored only one more goal than they've allowed - ?-?. That one goal differential has been the box score of each one of their games so far. Win or lose, it's been by a single score.

It's not a bad thing, necessarily, that they've been in so many close matches. Teams will bring their best against the Wings, so they're always going to have some tough games. And learning how to win such fights will be good experience for the post season when the games get even tighter. But it's a concern because, last year, the Wings weren't getting a lot of their experience. They were simply rolling teams. Not only allowing among the least goals in the league, they also scored amongst the most. They had, by season's end, a huge goal differential that showed they weren't just outscoring their opponents, they were outworking them as well.

Doesn't look like that's happening this year. And that's a worrying trend.

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