Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rex Does Kongai: The Second Patch - Blind Panic and Massive Nerfs

It's been a while since I've updated the old cards so we've got a lot of changes in store. We'll get to it in a bit but, for the most part, this time around I mostly concentrated on the Gangsters and on giving some desperation changes to the Rockers that aren't working.

We're getting close to the end of the month and that means culling the list of cards by then. So, at least one Rocker has to go. At least two Gangsters have to go, too, but I'm still trying to hang onto them. And a Psycho and a Necro as well but I haven't even gotten to them yet. At the moment, Rockers #2 and #4, the G-Twins are still the ones on the chopping block. I've tried to give them a sprucing up before I started sharpening the axe but it's still hanging over their head. Give them a look and let me know what you think or if I should be looking at another card here.

As for the Gangsters, for the most part they've had a line-wide reduction to their damage. There are few characters in their group who didn't see their damage totals take a hit. The reason is simple: damage curves. I've mentioned this before and I might not have explained it's my short-hand way of saying "this card kills this character with this health and this resistance in this many turns". The idea being that you could plot out their damage per turn against every character in the game and see various curves. Well, lines, I guess, but I'm pretty sure my math teacher would say those are curves, too. It's a measure of damage over time. And the idea here is to make the Gangsters kill slower by increasing the number of turns they take to kill the average character. Weaker cards will die faster, stronger cards will last longer but if I can put them on the right damage curves against an average foe then those take care of themselves.

With the Gangsters, I've been shooting for 3~4 turn curves but I've come to understand that's just too quick thanks to their flexibility. They don't care about the range, most can attack as well either way (The exceptions are G2 and G6, the Goon and the Moll. Ox, who's single-ranged and, thus, needs to kill a lot quicker since he has to burn turns getting into range. But he's got his own problems and is getting a revamp anyway. Ginny, on the other hand, is a Far-ranger but her cheap Close-range attack gives her a way to gain energy while still doing damage to step back so she's due for a little adjustment as well. Her Close-range attack does decent damage, anyway, thanks to all her procs.), and they ignore a lot of resistance so they're extraordinarily lethal. That was the plan but I think, at the moment, they're a little too good and need some reigning in. So, I've tried to cut their damage and put them on damage curves that are equal to about 4~5 turns. There are some exceptions but, for the most part, I think it works.

Enough talking about the changes, though, here's what they look like:


  • Innate: Reverted to previous functionality. Increase to damage over time removed, duration increase returned.
  • Skill #1. Cost raised to 30 from 25. Dmg down to 9x2(18) from 7x4(28).
  • Skill #2. Cost raised to 35 from 30. Speed down to 5 from 6. Dmg down to 7x3(21) from 8x4(32).
  • Skill #3. Dmg removed. Now purely a DOT debuff. DOT damage lowered to 10for4 from 12for4 Burn. Cost raised to 60 from 55. Speed down to 3 from 5. Hit rate raised to 100, proc rate lowered to 90. Type changed to Light.
  • Skill #4. Cost raised to 40 from 35. Functionality changed. Now has a 75% chance to evade interrupts but takes 24 damage (U) when interrupted. Also, sets resistance to 0/0/0 while in effect and has a Cooldown of 4.

-The changes here are intended to take a whole lot of damage away from Scareface. Previously, he's been killing average opponents in about 3 turns. Worse, he was killed even heavily padded opponents with a lot of health like G2 in about the same – especially with the resistance ignoring Skill #2. Not ideal in a card that doesn't care about range. Now, with his damage slashed he should struggle to reach 4-hit kills. This puts renewed emphasis on his buff which will now cause him to trip over several breakpoints. It also means that Gangster Item #5 is likely going to be bolted to this card because that gives him the same results so his skills have been priced to reflect that they're likely going to hit a bit harder than listed. The net effect makes him a little better at Far than he Close but I can live with that.
-Innate: I've removed the overpowered innate which raised DOT damage and replaced the old one which extended its duration. This should also cut a bit of damage off of Scareface's potential and return him to a powerful character with a weak but complimentary innate rather than a character who's drawing an awful amount of power from his innate ability.
-Skill #2. The speed here has been lowered into what I like to think of as the reflection zone. Making it more vulnerable to interrupts, too, so that his buff is, again, more vital.
-Skill #3. The attack hit has been stripped off here, turning this into a pure DOT debuff like Thorn's Bleeding Ritual. Before, by dealing 12dmg and then 12Burn with 36 more to follow, it was an impressive hit and one that made it too easy for Scareface to score a quick kill. He only needed to get another 30~36 damage for a 2-hit if he got a crit and an easy 3-hit if he didn't. Worse, it was a 3-hit that was impossible to run from since the Burning damage would finish off an opponent pulled from the field. Now, it's more expensive, along with the rest of the skills here, so it can't be used as much. And it hits for only 40 resistance ignoring damage (36, on average), so that characters with more health than normal will require a third hit. Characters with 70 or less hit will require only 2 hits (Something that, even at 60 energy, Scareface can still do) but will still take about 3~4 turns to die off, giving them time to still cause some pain. Changing the type to Light makes it more vulnerable to certain disruption like Yoshi's Chi Reflect or Andro's Magic Arrow.
-Skill #4. Some tweaks here intended to create a double-edged feeling to this presumably critical buff. It is no longer certain protection against interrupts, only offering a very high avoidance rate equal to that of the Girdle of Iron Will. However, when Scareface is actually interrupted then he takes a large packet of damage (Roughly a third of his health), making interrupting his skills a risky gambit with a healthy reward for his opponents. In addition, using this buff will now remove Scareface's resistance, setting him to a matrix of 0/0/0. This makes him more vulnerable and slightly easier to kill (It's mostly important for physical damage but even point helps.) even as he becomes more lethal himself. Finally, a cooldown has been added to prevent stacking of this effect. I'd disallow it anyway but why leave the potential hassel when I can step around it this way? Effectively, this makes sure that Scareface can't recast this skill while he's using it so that he can't add +2 or +3 to his multipliers or reduce the chance of interruption to something negligible.

Revision: Ox returns to his original design, a single-ranged character that can flip his ranges.
Innate: When the range is changed and Ox has passed, he gains 20 energy.
RES: Down to 6/0/2 from 9/0/3
Skill #1. Knuckle Duster. 30En, 5spd, 32dmg, Phys. 90Hit, 80proc. Lowers your foe's speed by 4 for the next 3 turns. Close.
Skill #2. Gut Punch. 50En, 7spd, 42dmg, Phys. 95Hit, 100proc. This punch ignores resistance. Close.
Skill #3. Bum Rush. 40En, 4spd, 15dmg, Phys. 100Hit, 100proc. This attack interrupts if it hits first. Close.
Skill #4. Raging Bull. 30En, 3spd, Phys. 100Hit, 100proc. For the next turn, your skills can be used at the opposite range (Far). If the range is changed, you gain 25 health. Far.

-Largely a pre-emptive change. The Necros are coming up to bat and the idea of a slow-moving character that just. won't. die! seems well-suited for a Frankenstein-like character. so, we're stripping the Bapho out of here and keeping it in reserve for when we get to that group. In its place we're going back to the original concept here: a single-ranged character with a toggle to flip around its range. The concern before was that such a character could easily be frustrated by cards that could constantly shift ranges but I believe I've come up with some fixes to help that out.
-The toggle is Skill #4 and, here, I've limited its duration to only 1 turn. It's cheap and that means that Ox will now get an effective deduction of 20 energy to maintain range - as opposed to spending 50 every now and then to continually step Close, he has to spend only 30 every other turn to flip his range around. The trade-off is that it will take a turn of buffing to get a turn to attack. This keeps Ox more of a Close-range character while still giving him ranged capabilities. The other change I've made is to give Skill #4 a secondary effect. Now, if Ox puts it up and a clever opponent decides to step Close to keep him from attacking, Ox will recover some health. That doesn't help him out if the fight has just started, of course, but because of his large health and protection, it should be a bad move if the fight is underway (He can also use it as a desperation heal himself, putting it up when Far and then changing ranges himself - although that's only 25 health for 80 energy.). Also, he's further helped out in the range changing game by his innate which now gives an additional 20 energy when the range changes - but only when the opponent changes it (The idea is that if Ox passes and his opponent seizes the initiative that he gets the bonus energy. If both pass or Ox presses anything other than pass then he doesn't. Simple enough, right?). That should make it easier to maintain his effects or attack, if he's getting the run-around. The overall effect should be a character that's always limited to one range, who doesn't make range-changing pointless, but who is well-equiped to deal with shuffling ranges.
-I've tried to set the damage here on a 2-hit level. Skill #2, Gut Punch, is obviously a fierce hit that threatens to one-hit anyone with less than 70 health but only on a crit - and, really, there are a lot of skills that already do that. But the key here is that while Skill #1 is nice and efficient but only on a 3-turn curve itself, it deals just enough damage that against average health with 4 or less resistance the combination of #1 -> #2 should be lethal. That's a single-ranged speed and the beauty here is that by spacing those hits out with buffs at Far range, Ox is down to a 4-turn kill.
-Skill #1 and Skill #3, a low priority yet ultra-certain interrupt have some good synergy. Perhaps a little too good and #3 could use a bit of a proc reduction but, at the moment, hitting with #1 to drag some attacks down into interrupt range could be an interesting gambit.
-Resistance: Since Ox is no longer about slugging it out and absorbing hits as he delivers his own, he loses some resistance to make him a bit of a softer target. Should still be a pain, though.

Skill #1. Cost lowered to 30 from 35. Damage down to 18 from 24.
Skill #2. Cost lowered to 30 from 35. Damage down to 20 from 26.
Skill #3. Cost down to 0 from 10. Damage down to 5 from 10. Speed down to 0 from 5. Energy drain down to 20 from 30. Functionality changed: When used opponent is now “On guard” for the next turn and has a 75% chance to deal 35 physical damage if Pick Pocket is used again.

-As with G1, we're aiming to extend the damage curves here and increase the number of turns it takes for Finger's damage to become lethal. Before, with attacks averaging around 25 damage a turn, he was killing opponents in 3 turns and that applied to almost anyone since he ignored resistance. A bit too good for a character with such flexible range. Now with attacks that average around 19 damage he's in the 4 turn range with more turns required for opponents with more health. That might be on the high side considering how fast he is - he can get off his hits earlier allowing him to kill someone off before they act so he deals four turns worth of damage even though he takes five. But we'd have to push his damage down around 12~15, on average, to get past another breakpoint and that's a bit too low for my tastes. So, he might be due for a speed reduction soon but we'll see. Either way, the cost has come down here since he was starting to hover around 0.5 DPE which is just pitifully low even with his innate.
-Skill #3. The speed has gone down here, setting it to 0. This means, effectively, that Pick Pocket will act last in a turn, removing any concerns about interrupting a character who's suddenly run out of energy to attack. The energy stolen has once again gone down to only 20. Essentially, now, Fingers is stealing away his opponent's end of turn regeneration (In fact, it might be better if the skill just read that since, this way, he doesn't get anything against a character with 0 energy and they can get that 20 back. But, personally, I think this skill is hyper-scary and, if anything, it's still too good so I'm happy to leave it as is.). The cost has also dropped, in compensation, so that he still gains a net 40 - not enough to set the range at will but enough that it's like he's gotten a free rest. The damage has also dropped so that Fingers really has to choose between attacking or stealing energy away. Finally, in lieu of a cooldown, I've added a buff/debuff for Finger's opponent. Now, if he picks their pocket once, they're not likely to allow it to happen again, so, for the next turn they have a great chance to smack him in the face for intercept damage if he should try for their energy again. This lasts only for the next turn after which Fingers is free to pick pocket again. And he's free to risk it if he really feels the need. But, either way, it should lower the amount of per turn energy he can gain (If he only steals once every other turn then he'll only gain 6en/turn.).

Skill #1. Cost raised to 35 from 30.
Skill #2. Dmg down to 5 from 20. Now deals 50dmg (10+40) overall.
Skill #4. Damage over time down to 2 from 3.

-Minor changes meant to make Sully a little less threatening. Not too much, though, since creating a real sense of threat is his whole deal now. Skill #1 now costs more, making it harder to keep using repeatedly. And Skill #2 now packs a little less punch, making it even more about that delayed damage coming into effect. This should surviving two shots will require somewhat less than massive resistance. While Skill #4's DOT is now equivalent to Skill #3's, making it less able to earn kills on its own.

Skill #1. Cost lowered to 30 from 35.
Skill #2. Cost lowered to 20 from 35. Hit rate lowered to 70% from 90%.
Skill #3. Name changed to Kneecap. Dmg lowered to 24 from 32. Cost lowered to 50 from 65. Hit rate lowered to 90 from 100.
Skill #4. Functionality changed. Now a buff. While active, attacks cost 5 less energy and drain 25% health. Name changed to Mugging. 100% proc rate, 4 turn duration.

-A bit of a desperation change here as, frankly, Bobby's not working for me. The idea is to create a more consistent character whose skills work better together while still keeping that theme that Bobby is a weak character who needs to debilitate his opponent in order to survive.
-Skill #2 is called "Wild Shots" and I wanted to give it more of a random effect. So, I've turned down its damage here, in keeping with the line-wide reduction aimed at making the Gangsters less effective but rather than touching its damage, I've instead gone after its accuracy. It still hits for 30 damage but does so only 70% of the time, resulting in a skill that should average about 21 damage, overall. Because it's going to whiff more often, I've lowered the cost drastically, making it a null-cost cast. This actually makes it among the better gun attacks although you have to put up with the high miss rate that makes it a weak Slingshot.
-Skill #3. The damage has gone down but so has the cost. The concern here is that at 50 energy it'll be easy to step and move into it, something I wanted to avoid but I'd be willing to see how it plays out since this skill is now arguably too weak.
-Skill #4 has gone from a debuffing attacking to a buff. Gone is the idea of stealing energy costs away from an opponent, it now just lowers costs and allows the low-health Bobby to gain some by draining away a bit of hit points with every attack. Because most of his skills were balanced around the idea that he'd be getting a 10 or 20 point cost reduction from this skill, their costs have been adjusted to reflect.

Resistance. lowered to 1/0/2
Skill #2. Damage changed to 3x15(45) from 9x5(45). Speed lowered to 2 from 5.
Skill #3. Functionality changed. Random target can now hit opponent on the field as well.
Skill #4. Proc rate for Burning damage lowered to 50% from 100%. Gun attacks are now typed Light. Name changed to Hot Lead.

-These change turns Ginny into a character that deals small packets of damage that can add up quickly, especially when buffed. Opponents might look at her bar and go, "Oh, 12dmg, 3dmg, whatever" and then wonder why they're losing 30 or 40 health in a single blow.
-Resistance. Lowered to make Ginny more vulnerable. She can either do a lot of damage or take a lot of punishment. I think she'd prefer the former.
-Skill #2. This change makes Tommy Gun benefit much less from Gangster Item #5, the one that adds to multi-hits. Before she went to 9x6 (54), now she'll go to 3x16 (48). But it means she benefits much more from effects that add to her damage, not her multiplier, like Ubuntu's Rain Dance. At the same time, it means she'll greatly benefit from her own buff, Skill #4. Even moderate resistance eats up her nuke fast now. So the resistance ignoring that will take her a turn to get is suddenly incredibly valuable. Because the net effect is to make this attack more powerful, I've lowered the speed so that it's almost certain to at least trade and is also easier to interrupt or otherwise disrupt.
-Skill #3. Before, I was thinking that the second hit from this skill could only strike a decked character. Now, I think it'd still be fair if that blast could hit anyone, including the target still on the field. This effectively give this skill a weak chance to hit fleeing, as well, since it should still strike a target if they're leaving the field.
-Skill #4. Adding 12 damage to her attacks by default as well as allowing them to slice through resistance was getting to be a bit much so her Burning effect is now on a proc. She has an even chance to Burn or not to (And, remember, this doesn't apply to Skill #3 at all.). Further more, this is now a damage type toggle, transforming Skill #1 and Skill #2 to light magic attacks. This doesn't matter much for damage purposes because of how they'll ignore resistances but it does become relevant when determining the type of effects that can be applied to them. With this buff up, Ginny now has to care about skills like Chi Reflect. But, at least she can step around skills like Phys Reflect.

Skill #1. Dmg lowered to 5 from 8. Speed raised to 8 from 7. Hit rate lowered to 50% from 80%.

-Vamp remains problematic but still an interesting idea. Not really sure how to tone her down and bring her back up at the same time at the moment. So, in the meantime, I've simply lowered the damage on Skill #1 a bit. But the big change is lowering its hit rate to a base of 50%. That makes it a coinflip whether it will interrupt or not, still worth gambling on but no longer quite as good of a bet. As a bit of compensation, though, since Slap is really her marque skill, I've raised its speed a bit. It can now take care of 7 speed skills as well, meaning only the fastest of attacks can slip past Vamp.

Skill #1. Crit rate up to 50% from 25%
Skill #2. Dmg up to 25 from 22.

-Skill #1. The crit rate here is boosted to give the Bopper a bit more raw healing power since his resistances have been dropped and his healing potential has been lowered. He's now almost certain to crit once his buffs are in play but, normally, he should get about 4 more damage out of this skill now, on average.
-Skill #2. I've crunched the numbers a bit more and decided to raise the damage here slightly. I want Skill #2 to take off about 1/3rd of the average characters health bar, resulting in a massive shock to an entire deck. It should be doing so now even after resistance.

Skill #1. Functionality changed. Now procs Lunar Tides for 4 turns for entire team (50% each). Lunar Tides: You gain 4 health at the end of each turn (4for4, 16 HOT).
Skill #2. Functionality reverted. Stardust Memories once again protects against debuffs by replacing the next one with a heal.
Skill #3. Functionality changed. Now a dual proc. 50% chance to deal an additional 12 light damage, 50% chance to proc Puzzlement debuff. Puzzlement: 50% chance to stun at end of next turn, 25% chance to deliver 12 light damage, 25% chance to heal for 12.
Skill #4. Functionality changed. Now lowers skill costs by 10 as well as increasing regeneration. Cooldown of 1 added. Cost lowered to 20 from 30. Speed lowered to 1 from 5.

-With these changes, R2 continues his trend of becoming more about support. He's now a part of the team for what he can do for the rest of the team and less about what he can do himself.
-Skill #1. Picks up the regeneration effect from Skill #2. Each character on the team has a chance to proc a regenerative effect that will restore about 20~25% of their health.
-Skill #2. I can't help it, I like the original idea of Stardust Memories. It's back and, once again, Glammer's nuke helps him to defend against debuffs.
-Skill #3. Changing things up here by transitioning this into a dual-proc skill. This means it has two procced effects, one which happens when the other doesn't. Here, it has a 50% chance to simply hit for another 12 damage blast. And a 50% chance to land the original delayed stun effect. That delayed stun, though, is weakened by also having a roulette wheel of procs itself. Now, it's only a 50% chance to stun, a 25% chance to hit for another 12 damage, or a 25% chance to heal for 12 damage instead. Essentially this gives the skill something like a 25% chance to stun at the end of the next turn. A 66% chance to hit for 24 raw damage. And a 12% chance to have its proc wipe out its damage and have almost no effect at all. This is a weird one and I'm not sure if it works but the old version was simply too powerful.
-Skill #4. Piling on here by having this buff not only increase regeneration but also lower skill costs. This should help it be useful to Glammer while also ensuring that his teammates really get a lot of energy to work with. And, yes, I'm aware that this could potentially break some skills with high energy costs wide freaking open.

Crit rates lowered to normal 3% rate, down from a natural 10%.
Innate: Crit rate increase up to 30% from 23%.
Skill #1. Bleed dmg down to 3for4 (12 DOT) from 4for4 (16 DOT).
Skill #2. Functionality changed. Now reads "For the next 3 turns, your next successful attack cannot be evaded and is automatically a critical hit." Cost lowered to 0 from 15. 100% hit rate, 90% proc rate. Name changed to Sharpen Blades.
Skill #3. Crit multiplier returned to normal 1.5x.

-R3 was still doing a bit too much damage so I've continue to tone him down. This was done mainly by lowering his natural crit rate back to the normal 3%. Having it at 10% was an interesting idea but just isn't working here. This messes up his innate a bit so I've adjusted it so that his crit rate against Bleeding opponents remains at 40%. Again, trying to cause more of a separation between a buffed Votan and an unbuffed Votan's capabilities.
-Skill #2. Spiked armor is gone and, in its place, I've created a moderate attack buff. The idea here is that Votan can now spend a turn buffing to make his next attack a critical hit. That's not quite worth giving up a turn to me so that next hit is also unavoidable - it can still miss but it can't be dodged or reflected. Having a skill here that helped Votan to deal with characters who could frustrate him like that has always been the idea we're just going to go in a different direction and drop the defensive idea that, frankly, wasn't working. At a 0 energy cost, I think it can work.

Innate: Attacker's attack speed is now lowered by 4. R4's speed increase remains 1.
Skill #1. Functionality changed. Now lowers end of turn energy regeneration by 5 for 3 (100% proc).
Skill #2. Revised. Now cost 30 energy, deals 32dmg, has a 90% chance to hit, and a 75% chance to cause opponent to lose 20 energy. Type changed to Dark. Name changed to Primal Scream.
Skill #3. Revised. Now costs 30 energy, has 6 speed, deals 5 damage, has a 100% chance to hit and a 40% chance to interrupt, if it hits first. Additionally, it causes 10 additional damage for each debuff on target foe. Type changed to Phys, range changed to Close. Name changed to Rebel Yell.
Skill #4. Duration increased to 6 from 4.

-This a desperation, last-ditch and, perhaps, final attempt to make R4 playable. I've dropped the idea of a synergistic bar consisting of interlocking skills and, instead, gone with one based on energy denial and debuffs with a nasty little trick. The key here is Skill #3, a weak interrupt that gives Grungy a chance to deal more damage based on the number of debuffs his opponent has. And, yes, the effect from his innate would be a debuff.
-Skill #1. Now lowers regeneration rather than chipping off raw energy. This gives it a debuff proc which can compliment its new range-mate well.
-Skill #2. Turned into a mini-nuke for when Grungy is at Far. Its energy degeneration effect is switched with the energy draining effect from Skill #1.
-Skill #3. A weak interrupt that can turn into a massive damage dealing burst. It allows Grungy to capitalize on all of those debuffs he's proccing all over the place.

Innate: Functionality changed. Now reads "Izzy's speed cannot be lowered."
Skill #4. Functionality changed. Now lasts for 6 turns and reads "When a member of you team successfully makes an attack, their speed is raised by 3 for the next turn."

-The change here is that I've finally figured out a way to make Izzy's buff work with other cards. The danger has always been that it could stack up and lead to 10 speed Trueshots or 15 speed Hypnotic Stares, so I've kept the duration low and the cost high. But I think what used to be her old innate will work perfectly here as well as play into the theme that Izzy makes her next hit better - she'll now be making her teammates hits better, too. But because it only lasts for a single turn, that extra speed is capped and can't get too ridiculous. It also requires her teammate to land a hit first so they don't enter play with something ridiculous on their bar. Incidentally, I've decided that this is a buff that can't stack. Or, rather it can, but like Enchant Blades, its effect won't. A character with two or more Speed Metals up will still only gain one buff as a result of making a hit, they won't get to gain +6 or +9 speed. Because this should mean less abusive potentials, I've increased the duration here so that it can lead to more swap-in play. Unfortunately, this means that her innate has become a casualty. It never did her much good anyway. I don't have a good replacement so I've gone with a weaker version of Constantine's for the moment as a placeholder.

Error Fix: Compendium previous didn't list the previous change to his innate. Should be corrected soon.
Skill #2. Cost lowered to 45 from 55. Resistance gained lowered to +3/+2/+1.

-Skill #2. Here, the effect of R6's innate would be adding on to that extra resistance and the result could get a bit out of hand so I've cut back on the procced amount so that he effectively gets +5/+4/+3 and +5HP with each use. It's largely a bonus working off of his big hit, anyway. It's not a very big hit so I've lowered the cost, too. Now Tommy can step into this, if need be.

Don't have time at the moment to write out the full bars. We'll get to those when - well, okay, if - I update the compendium.


For posterity's sake, here's how things look in bar form.

Name: Carl "The Face" Espantoso
Title: The Underboss
HP: 75
RES: 5/1/1
Innate: The Face has a 40% chance to Scar opponents for 10 turns when he attacks. (Scare: Your maximum health is lowered by 10 and damage over time effects have their durations increased by 1 turn.)
Bar (v4):
  1. Switchblade Strikes. 30en, 4spd, 9x2(18)dmg, Phys. 95hit, 25proc. Has a chance to Bleed, dealing 4 damage for 2 turns (8 DOT). Close.
  2. Machine Gun Burst. 35en, 5spd, 7x3(21)dmg, Phys. 90hit, 100proc. Shots from this gun ignore resistance. Far.
  3. Molotov Cocktail. 60en, 3spd, Light. 90hit, 100proc. Your foe Burns, taking 12 damage for 4 turns (48 DOT). Both.
  4. Frenzied Rage. 40en, 3spd, Phys. 100proc. For the next 4 turns, your resistances are lowered to 0 (0/0/0) and you take 24 damage (U) when interrupted. But you have a 75% chance to evade interrupts and your multi-hit attacks you cannot be interrupted and all your multi-hit attacks strike one additional time (AxB -> Ax(B+1)). Both.

Name: Johnny "The OX" Vaccinaro
Title: The Goon
HP: 85
RES: 6/0/2
Innate: When the range is changed after Ox has passed during the movement phase, he gains 20 energy.
Bar (v4):
  1. Knuckle Duster. 30en, 5spd, 32dmg, Phys. 90hit, 80proc. The force of your punch can stagger your foe, lowering their speed by 4 for the next 3 turns. Close.
  2. Gut Punch. 50en, 7spd, 42dmg, Phys. 95hit, 100proc. Your slug your opponent in the breadbasket, hitting a weak point and ignoring their resistance. Close.
  3. Bum Rush. 40en, 4spd, 15dmg, Phys. 100hit, 100proc. You barrel into your opponent, interrupting them if this skill hits first. Close.
  4. Raging Bull. 30en, 3spd, Phys. 100hit, 100proc. For the next turn, your skills are used at the opposite range (Far). If the range is changed, you gain 25 health. Far.

Name: Vinnie "Fingers" Mazerotti
Title: The Thief
HP: 70
RES: 4/3/1
Innate: Finger's attacks ignore resistance.
Bar (v4):
  1. Sucker Punch. 30en, 7spd, 18dmg, Phys. 90hit. You surprise your opponent with a quick strike. This attack has a high chance to critically hit (25crit). Close.
  2. Hand Gun. 30en, 8spd, 20dmg, Phys. 95hit. A quick shot from your gun. Far.
  3. Pick Pocket. 0en, 0spd, 5dmg, Dark. 80hit, 75proc. You pick your foe's pocket, taking 20 energy away from them. Afterwards, your opponent is "On guard" for the next turn (On Guard: You have a 75% chance to sock your opponent for 35 damage (P) if they try to pick your pocket again. // Note: Interrupts Pick Pocket.) Both.
  4. Killer Shades. 40en, 3spd, Dark. 100proc. For the next 3 turns your hit rate is set to 100% and cannot be lowered. Also, your attacks cannot be dodged or reflected. Both.

Name: Sammy "Sully" Sullivan
Title: the Button Man
HP: 80
RES: 2/2/6
Innate: Any damage over time effects on foe are discharged when they switch out while Sully is on the field.
Bar (v4):
  1. Parting Shot. 35en, 7spd, 25dmg, Phys. 90hit, 100proc. An amazingly accurate shot that has a chance to hit even a fleeing foe. Far.
  2. Gut Shot. 55en, 8spd, 5dmg, Phys. 100h, 90p. You shoot your foe in the vitals, it takes a while for them to bleed out but they will, taking an additional 40 dark damage after the next 2 turns. Far.
  3. Piano Wire. 10en, 8spd, Phys. 100hit, 95proc. For the next 10 turns, your target is Strangled. (Strangled. You suffer 2 damage a turn. This ends the next time you attack. When this effect ends, the range is set to Far.). Close.
  4. Contract Hit. 40en, 3spd, Dark. 100hit, 100proc. For the next 10 turns, your target is Marked for Death. (Marked for Death. You take 2 damage a turn. Attacks made against you ignore resistance. When you die, your killer gains 25HP.). Both.

Name: Bobby "Shortstack" Rabbiatto
Title: The Snitch
HP: 60
RES: 4/1/5
Innate: When his opponent is buffed, Shortstack gains that buff as well.
Bar (v4):
  1. Pistol Whip. 3en, 4spd, 18dmg, Phys. 95hit, 100proc. When you successfully attack, your target loses 15 energy. Close.
  2. Wild Shots. 20en, 7spd, 6x5(30)dmg, Phys. 70hit, 100proc. Shots from this gun ignore resistance. Far.
  3. Kneecap. 50en, 3spd, 24dmg, Dark. 90hit, 90proc. Your target's speed and resistance are lowered by 2 while yours are raised by 2 for the next 6 turns. Both.
  4. Mugging. 30en, 5spd, Phys, Dark. 100hit, 100proc. For the next 4 turns, your attacks cost 5 less and 25% of their damage caused restores your health. Both.

Name: Virginia “Ginny” MaGee
Title: The Gun Moll
HP: 70
RES: 1/0/2
Innate: Ginny has a 75% chance to deal bonus damage equal to her target's physical resistance when she attacks.
Bar (v4):
  1. Derringer. 10en, 2spd, 12dmg, Phys. 100hit, 100proc. Your gun's speed is increased by 7 when the range is set to Close. Both.
  2. Tommy Gun. 40en, 2spd, 3x15(45)dmg, Phys. 90hit, 100proc. You spray bullets at your target with your gun. Far.
  3. Hand Grenade. 35en, 4spd, 24dmg, Phys. 90hit, 90proc. You have a high chance to catch a random opponent in the blast, striking them for 24 physical damage as well. Far.
  4. Incendiaries. 30en, 3spd, Phys. 100proc. For the next 3 turns, the bullets from your guns are considered Light attacks, ignore resistance, and can cause Burning, dealing 4 damage for 3 turns (50proc). Both.

Name: Rebecca Vampinsiaro
Title: The Boss's Daughter
HP: 55
RES: 2/2/5
Innate: When opponent a new opponent switches in against her, Rebecca gains 20 health.
Bar (v4):
  1. Slap. 10en, 7spd, 8dmg, Phys. 50hit, 100proc. This attack interrupts if it hits first. This skill cannot be used twice in a row (Cooldown: 1). Close.
  2. Six Shooter. 45en, 2spd, 7x6(42)dmg, Phys. 90hit, 100proc. Shots from this gun ignore resistance if the target is stunned. Both.
  3. Kiss. 60en, 6spd, Dark. 100hit, 90proc. If this skill lands before your opponent's attack, they will heal rather than harm you this turn. This skill cannot be used twice in a row (Cooldown: 1). Far.
  4. Heart Breaker. 35en, 3spd, 12dmg, Dark. 100hit, 90proc. For the next 2 turns when your target attacks there is a 75% chance that they become stunned afterwards. Both.

Name: Alvis Priestly
Title: The Big Bopper
Innate: When Alvis critically hits he is healed for 10.
HP: 80
RES: 4/0/0
Bar (v4):
  1. Sock Hop. 30En, 3spd, 26dmg, Phys. 95Hit, 100proc, 50crit. This old school dance whacks your foe over the head, with a high chance to score a critical hit (50rit). Close.
  2. Bop Around the Clock. 70En, 4spd, 25dmg, Phys. 90Hit, 100proc. With a skip and a jump, a twist and a whirl, you hit all of your foes, giving them each a solid whack. Close.
  3. Backbeat Bop. 40En, 7spd, 25dmg, Light. 95Hit, 100proc. For the next turn, when your opponent attacks, you are healed for 15. Far.
  4. Doo-Wop Ditty. 50En, 5spd, Light. 100Hit, 100proc. Your team gains a 25% chance to critically hit for the next 4 turns. Both.

Name: Nigel Thurston
Title: the Celestial Showman
Innate: The Celestial Showman gains 5 bonus energy for each of his buffs.
HP: 65
RES: 0/5/1
Bar (v4):
  1. Lunar Strike. 35En, 4spd, 24dmg, Dark. 95Hit, 50proc. Your music strikes your foe with tidal force. There is a chance your team gains Lunar Tides for the next 4 turns (Lunar Tides: You gain 4 health at the end of each turn. 4for4. 16HOT). Close.
  2. Starduster. 70En, 6spd, 42dmg, Light. 100Hit, 50proc. When you finish this spacey tune there is a chance your team gains Stardust Memories for the next 4 turns. (Stardust Memories: The next time you would be debuffed you are, instead, healed for 10 health.). Close.
  3. Haunting Melody. 35En, 3spd, 12dmg, Dark. 95Hit, 100proc. Your insightful lyrics cut deep into your opponent's soul, having a 50% chance to cause an additional 12 light damage. If your opponent is not damaged, they are Puzzled instead (Puzzled: At the end of the turn, you have a 25% chance to heal for 12, a 25% chance to take 12 light damage, or a 50% chance to be stunned for the next turn.). Far.
  4. Power Ballad. 20En, 5spd, Light. 100Hit, 100proc. Your team gains an additional 5 energy at the end of each turn and their skills cost 10 less energy for the next 6 turns. Both.

Name: Votan One-Eye
Title: the Heavy Metal Thunderer
Innate: Votan's chance to critically hit is raised by 30% when his foe is Bleeding.
HP: 70
RES: 2/0/4
Bar (v5):
  1. Wicked Axe. 30En, 4spd, 20dmg, Dark. 95Hit, 75proc. The edge of your guitar has a high chance to make your foe Bleed, dealing 3 damage for 4 turns (12 DOT). Close.
  2. Sharpened Blades. 0en, 3spd, Phys. 100hit, 90proc. For the enxt 3 turns, your next attack cannot be evaded and is automatically critical hits. Both.
  3. Guillotine Guitar Strings. 35En, 6spd, 15dmg, Dark. 100Hit, 100Proc. Razor sharp strings lash your opponent, causing new wounds to appear over time. This turn and the next, your opponent Bleeds, taking 2 damage for 4 turns (8 DOT. 16 DOT total). Far.
  4. Heavy Metal. 40En, 5spd, Dark. 100Hit, 100proc. Your team gains 15% chance to critically hit for the next 3 turns. When a critical hit is made, their foe Bleeds, taking 6 damage for 3 turns (18 DOT). Both.

Name: Eddie Curtis
Title: The Voice of a Generation
Innate: When Curtis Edwards is hit by an attack, that attack's speed is lowered by 4 and the speed of all of Curtis's skills are raised by 1 for the next 5 turns.
HP: 70
RES: 1/3/3
Bar (v3):
  1. Downbeat. 40En, 6spd, 24dmg, Dark. 95Hit, 100proc. Your foe is depressed and so is their energy, they gain 5 less energy at the end of each turn for the next 3 turns. Close.
  2. Primal Scream. 30en, 2spd, 32dmg, Dark. 90hit, 75proc. Your powerful vocal chords scour your opponent. There's a chance they lose 20 energy. Far.
  3. Rebel Yell. 30en, 6spd, 5dmg, Phys. 100hit, 40proc. Your shout causes an additional 10 damage for each debuff on your foe. This skill has a chance to interrupt if it hits first. Close.
  4. Team Spirit. 50En, 5spd, Dark. 100Hit, 100proc. Your team gains +3 resistance (+3/+3/+3) and a 25% chance to dodge all attacks for the next 6 turns. Both.

Name: Izzy Knowles
Title: The Headbanger's Doll
Innate: Izzy's speed cannot be lowered.
HP: 70
RES: 2/0/4
Bar (v3):
  1. Headbang. 25En, 2spd, 24dmg, Phys. 90Hit, 100proc. Your opponent reels back as you slam your head into them. Their reflexes slowed, you'll be able to hit them if they try to flee next turn. (Reeling: You will be hit if fleeing.) Close.
  2. Power Chord. 60En, 7spd, 45dmg, Light. 95Hit, 95proc. A fast and hard piece of music rocks your foe. Close.
  3. Reverb. 35En, 8spd, 18dmg, Phys. 100Hit, 100proc. A burst of sound makes your opponent's ears ring, lowering their defenses next turn. (Ringing In the Ears: You take 50% more damage from attacks.) Far.
  4. Speed Metal. 40En, 5spd, Phys. 100Hit, 100proc. For the next 6 turns, when a member of your team successfully makes an attack, their speed is raised by 3 for the next turn. Both.

Name: Tommy Fender
Title: The Juke Box Hero
Innate: Tommy gains 2 resistance (+2/+2/+2) and 5 bonus health for each of his buffs.
HP: 60
RES: 0/4/0
Bar (v3):
  1. Strum. 25En, 6spd, 15dmg, Light. 95Hit, 100proc. You strum along with the tune, adding an extra turn of duration to your buffs. Ballads gain an additional turn of duration. Close.
  2. High Note. 45En, 2spd, 36dmg, Phys. 95Hit, 100proc. You hit the high note and your opponent at the same time. Afterwards, they find you harder to hit as your resistance is raised (+3/+2/+1). Close.
  3. Hot Lick. 20En, 3spd, Light. 100Hit, 100proc. Your blazing hot licks are searing. So hot that for each of the next 2 turns your opponent begins to Burn, taking 3 damage for 3 turns (9 DOT. 27 DOT total.). Far.
  4. Rock Anthem. 40En, 5spd, Phys. 100Hit, 100proc. For the next 4 turns your team increases their chance to critically hit by 10% for each buff they possess. When a critical hit is made all buffs are refreshed, gaining an extra turn of duration. Both.

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