Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kongai: Updates Abound

Not only have we gotten what in an MMO would surely be describe as an overhaul to the game's engine earlier this week. We're also going to be getting an update to rebalance the characters soon. As always, the patch notes can be found here.

And there's already discussion about them going on at the semi-unofficial Sirlin boards here.

I'll let you read what I thought over there (I'm sure I'll throw it up around here, eventually.) but I will point out that I was pleasantly surprised to see that several of the concerns I had with cards addressed. And even several of the ideas I had to fix them picked up. Maybe not in the same exact way as I went about it with my revamped bars here but close enough. That's also been updated although I'm waiting until the next patch goes live for the latest version of The List.

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