Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kwame Brown!

So, the City Council's lawyer has returned with a report saying that Hizzoner's deal with those police offers was, in fact, against the City Charter. Now, this is important because short of a criminal conviction the City Council can only remove an official for violating that Charter. This report means that the Council can vote the Mayor out of office, finally.

There are a few catches, though. First, the charter says you can remove someone for violating it but only for violating those portions that warrant removal. What it doesn't say is what, exactly, those violations are. The second is that if the Mayor is ousted by the Council he can appeal, starting yet another trial and further stalling for time. And if you don't think the same lawyers are trying to argue that there's no way you can prove that Kilpatrick actually sent those text messages - it could have been anyone with his password and his device sending personal information into the ethers, after all - aren't going to parse and slice up those provisions in the Charter six ways to Sunday then you're dreaming.

But, it might also force Granholm's hand. There's now a criminal trial of Kilpatrick underway and the City Council could be doing more than symbolically admonishing him soon. She probably still wouldn't want to get involved but, at a certain point, I'd think she wouldn't have a choice because this mayor is really under siege and it's going to continue to be an embarrassment.

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