Friday, May 9, 2008

Guild Wars: Keep Ruining the Game, Please

Makes it so much easier to stay away when the game's turning into a flaming wreckage of its former self.

Anyhow, I was getting all set to rage all over this Monty Hall update for to make glorious and improved rank flashing because, well, I hate titles and hope they die a horrific death involving lighter fluid and spiders.

And then I saw this.

Yeah. Fuck it, I'm out.


Bruce said...

I haven't got up-to-date on Gw in a while, but some time after factions, I started looking at Guild Wars more like an business model to study rather than a game. It's also nice to watch what happens to their game as they break it (I got over the broken-ness when it hit retail, heh; I want my awesome beta-style tombs back; player/team availability, too).

As for the PvP/PvE separate skills, I think it's probably wise of Anet to test such things for Gw2. I also think it'd be cool having nicely overpowered skills in PvE (I want my Zealots Fire that activates with stances and shouts back! That rocked face all over the joint), although I don't think they'll ever fix the shambles that is Guild Wars PvE.

They need a decent story, and more interesting mechanics, or something. Unless you're playing PvP, Gw is far too mindless (for my tastes, at least).

— Bruce

Sausaletus Rex said...

The separation of PvE and PvP is the final stake through he heart for me - it means that it's no longer one game seen in many different facets but, instead, a bunch of different games strung together loosely by sharing the same graphical engine. There are already over a thousand skills and now I have to remember which ones work which way depending on which square I'm standing in? No thanks. But even putting aside the "I'm personally annoyed by this" factor, it's still a shocking reversal of the game's conception and design. It was never perfect but it's just not the game I fell in love with anymore.