Thursday, May 15, 2008

NBA Blogging: No Such Thing As Magic

Unlike the Wings, the Pistons managed to close out their series strong. Putting away the Magic in only five games. They looked to have stumbled a bit in the first round against Philly but they're now the first team past the post and onto the next round. Everyone else is mired in even series and tough match-ups. Boston and Cleveland will go at least another two games. And that's time the Pistons can use to get Billups back rested and healthy. Which he should be.

It's hard to overstate just how huge that is. Just as it's hard to overstate just what an awesome win it was in Game 5. With Chauncy out, Stuckey was amazing. No turnovers in a tense playoff game for a rookie point guard? Now that's an accomplishment.

And I know Rip got most of the attention from the networks after the game for his outstanding showing on offense but you know what was all over the Detroit papers? Tayshaun.

That block of his at the end of the game was what sealed the deal. One moment it looked like Magic were about to drive in for the go-ahead basket and put the Pistons in last second shot territory and then Prince just rises up and the ball smacks off the backboard and caroms off the rim. A lot of what Prince does doesn't show up on the stat sheets but it certainly shows up in the hearts and minds of the Detroit fans - we love that kind of hardworking, gritty, grindy stuff from our players here.

After all, we all remember that other time Tayshaun had a crucial block in crunch time:

The Pistons went on to win the title that year, you know...

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