Monday, May 5, 2008

NBA Blogging: A Certain Kind of Magic in the Air

Detroit-Orlando take number two is tonight. The weekend's game was a wonderful sight to behold. Especially after they looked so wretched at times against the 76ers. It basically confirmed my belief that Orlando has no realistic shot in this series - I know, it's only been one game but they don't have an answer for Billups. He might not be the top scorer in every game, but he's going to be the main reason the Pistons win, game in and game out. That's why I'm not worried about this series at all.

At the same time, while Boston has a much tougher match up against the LeBrons, I'm still pretty worried about a potential series with them (I worry about Cleveland because, well, it's LeBron. One of these days he's going to score 200 points and cure cancer during half time. And no one will be surprised.). Billups schooled Rondo in their first meeting in the regular season. But by the second game they'd figured him out. And Rondo only got better as the year went on. In the conference finals, he'll have enough playoff games over his belt that he won't be just a postseason rookie. Billups still has way more experience but it's not a match-up I like and I think it's the one the series turns on.

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