Tuesday, May 6, 2008

MLB Blogging: Kitty Paws, Tiny Claws

Well, the Tigers have finally started losing games when they're scoring more than 4 runs. They haven't, however, won any when they score less than four. By my count, they're 14-3 when they score more than 4 and 0-16 when they don't. And, yeah, that's almost like saying "Teams that score more than one run have a much better record than those that don't." but even when you look at the differential in runs in those games where the Tigers go off and various and sundry other stats, they're much better when they're producing well. Since I think those tight games are the kind they'd need to win down the stretch of a pennant run, that's not a good sign.

The amazing thing, though, is that they're not out of it yet. The battle for the AL Central is turning into a fight to see who's the least incompetent as the division leading Twins have only a 16-14 record of their own. Detroit is only 3 games back and could easily wind up winning the division and getting into the playoffs anyways. Winning the division is pretty much what they'll have to do, though, since a wildcard spot is looking increasingly out of reach. They could just as easily finish out of it since they're still in the divisional cellar - other teams are only 1 or 2 games back - but at least no one's run away with it yet.

But, yes, with the recent line-up changes and player shake-up things are still not well in Tigerland and growing increasingly desperate.

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