Monday, May 5, 2008

Kongai: Card List v2.0 is Up

Whew, it took a little while because of those last minute "Didn't I close that tag, like, five times already" bugs and an unfortunate search and replace that nearly left me reduced to a quivering blob of tears, but it's done.

The card list's been upgraded with both easily searchable indexes and handily embedded links for ease of linking.

There's now over 250 juicy anchors just crying out for links. They're so thirsty for them, I'm going to throw them some right now. You want to point to Juju when you're trying to discuss how Touch of Doom should be reworked? I got you covered. You want to just skip right to ToD? Way ahead of you. I'll even let you in on a pro's tip - you can even slap down his innate. And more.

And just in case you think I'm steadily approaching sanity - I hacked out the entire thing in freaking Notepad.

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