Saturday, May 17, 2008


When people ask me just what it is about the continuing saga of the mayor named Kwame, it's hard to put into words, exactly. Which is why it's helpful when hizzoner goes and does stuff like this. A big part of his artfully crafted legal defense against the perjury charges brought against him, after all, is to willfully stick his fingers in his ears, stick out his tongue, and go, "Nuh uh, that didn't happen." To argue, in so many words, that the text message that got this whole sorry mess rolling were private and should not have been released. So, now, he's changed the rulebook to say that's exactly the way it is - it doesn't apply retroactively but I'd imagine it does bolster his claims that he can use government property for his own purposes.

It's exactly that kind of arrogance that got Kilpatrick into his current troubles. And that's exactly what angers me so much.

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