Thursday, March 27, 2008

Worky Work Busy Bee!

While I haven't been playing certain games which shall remain nameless, I haven't quit gaming entirely.

Even though I probably should what with trying to gear up for the Frenzy and increasingly heavy coursework.

Still, there's the demo for Sins of a Solar Empire out that I haven't gotten around to trying yet.

PMOG, which I still have no idea what to make of.

And I've been playtesting Kongai, the flash-based card game designed by David Sirlin. Yes, that Sirlin. Got in a few days ago and spent a good deal of time getting crunchy with the numbers yesterday.

Short review: Looks like an interesting little diversion, gorgeious artwork, but it's a bit too slow-paced and swingy for my tastes. And the balance just isn't there yet. Although, it's not like I've signed an NDA or anything, I'll have to see if it's okay to say more, maybe.

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