Sunday, March 30, 2008

NCAA Blogging: How Pedestrian

So, all four seeds are going to the Final Four. That's the first time in....ever, right?

At least I got to see the most entertaining game of the weekend. The games on Friday were alright, too, (Well, maybe not the Kansas sleepwalk win.) but they paled in comparison to the Regional final this afternoon. Davidson came so close and everyone in the building who wasn't a Jayhawk fan was hoping to push them to victory. When they went up with only minutes left, it was electric. What a blast.

Sadly, they couldn't close the deal. But, hey, that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Still, I think it showed that, in spite of the nay-saying, the was a good venue after all. The court was a bit small and the action looked to be taking place in another county from my shit-ass seats. But it wasn't all that bad - I think I'm just used to watching on television these days instead of in person. And while I was worried that cavernous Ford Field was going to be a noise-dampening vacuum that would make the mausoleum like Cristler sound like a monster truck rally, it was pretty jumping. Especially on Sunday. But even on Friday the Wisconsin fans made the place a lot warmer - as I expected, they're always a nice crowd to hang around with.

It makes me pretty confident that, next year, when the Final Four comes to town it's going to be a great time. Hopefully, I can score some tickets for them again. This year's, however, with the four top seeds competing to see which favorite is the best? Not so much.

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