Friday, March 21, 2008


If you're not from Detroit you might be wondering where the outrage is over Kwame Kilpatrick. Why people seem to be shrugging their shoulders and saying, "There he goes again." Instead of pounding their fists on the table and demanding his head on a silver platter. Where the anger is instead of what seems to be routine but meaninglessly rote condemnation.

Well, that's because he's been our Mayor now for years and we're, frankly, used to this sort of shit by now. Kwamdog's weathered storms of controversy and criticism before. He's mastered the art of cheap pandering and the exploitation of the city's racial divide to survive.

Take, for example, this anecdote from when the Mayor and Senator Obama tried to arrange a campaign appearence together:

Word is it went like this: In advance of his speech today to a sold-out Detroit Economic Club, Obama calls Kilpatrick to touch base, ask for his support, get to know him a little.

Kilpatrick, not yet committed to any presidential candidate, challenges the senator with a pinch of bluster about the nature of Obama’s broad, cross-racial campaign. He asks Obama whether he’d be comfortable standing in public next to a 6-foot-4 black guy from Detroit.

Obama, no shrinking violet, then fires back, saying he thinks he could handle it just fine — as long as Kilpatrick loses the earring.

Classy! That's our Kwame!

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