Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm BaAack!

Miss me?

Yes, not dead. My grand master plan of posting something once a day every day lasted all of...a week. But, not unlike GLaDOS, I remain still alive.

Now, about that whole two month long unexplained absence thing. Yeah, I had to take a leave of absence after the Giants won the Super Bowl in order to cleanse myself of all those Eli Manning jokes I've made over the years.

You might be expecting the usual sackcloth thing here. The somehow trying to make up for leaving this place in the lurch that I normally go through after falling silent. Well as far as explanations go all I have to say is...whoops?

But other than that, yeah, we'll be skipping the normally scheduled self-flagellation in favor of, you know, getting on with it.

I've just been busy. Been away. Been tired. Haven't been up to it. For far too long. And, so, once again, I'm setting out to correct that.

I have been writing. I just haven't been blogging. Been working, mostly, on my own things. The creative stuff I'm too afraid to reveal to, well, anyone. And that's been drawing on the finite resource of my time. Along with school and work and that other thing I'm not supposed to talk about. So, I haven't needed this place to keep busy. Which, really, is mostly what I've been using it for.

But, I think, the real reason I've been away is that back when I first started this blog I intended... Well, I'm not really sure just what I intended and that's, really, part of the problem. But I'd hoped it would give me a place to talk, to think some thoughts, an outlet to the greater world that I lacked, at the time. But, now, thanks to the courage I've drawn from stepping to the mic and stammering things out here and elsewhere, that's changed. I have people, real live actual people, to interact with again and that, more than anything, means that I don't have the need to hash things out here.

Ah well. Here's to a new start. Another rebirth. The next step in my journey to wherever it is that I'm going.

Things are going to be changing around here, of course. I'm going to start with sprucing the place up a bit. Some of the things around here have gotten a little threadbare from neglect. But I do have some stuff to post and we'll hopefully keep that rolling for a while this time.



Revan Ancaria said...

Hey man - I heard you were in a medically induced coma due to extreme writers cramp & or dead - But yeah, welcome back ;-)

Sausaletus Rex said...


Rumors of my medically induced coma are greatly exaggerated. I just went crazy. And not the fun kind.

It is nice to be back, though. Who knows? It might actually stick this time. I highly doubt it based on past trends but, you know, in the long run we're all dead. It's what you do in the short run that counts.