Friday, March 28, 2008

NCAA Blogging: Ante Up

So, it turns out ticket packages were available for the weekend, three games, for only $75. Actually, they come even cheaper but my friends didn't want to sit in the nose bleeds. Add in stadium snacks, restaurant fees, parking, and beer money and it's probably going to cost even more. I'm guessing at least double, more likely to a few hundred, which is why I don't mind splurging a bit on the tickets - it's only a small portion of the overall budget I came up and even less than I figured.

I almost decided not to go but, then, I've never actually seen the NCAAs in person. Haven't been to a college ball game in some time, actually. And you never know when opportunities are going to come around again so I'm going for it. I'll get to see the funky raised floor and everything. They've built a platform a few feet high that the court will be on in the middle of the stadium. Makes for more seating and better vantage points, I gather. It's also eerily similar to what they have in Kohl Arena where the Badgers play. I predict this will be the secret X factor that results in their winning. Much more so than their ability to slow the game to the sort of crawl that a nine-month old would be proud of. With the shotclock....I'm thinking it'll be a 11-10 game. That Curry is a hot scorer, after all, and he's probably going to make the Wisconsin defense pay.

The games start tonight in...oh, under an hour. Benefits of living close to downtown and all, should make it in plenty of time if I head out the door...oh, now.

So, enjoy the weekend, I'll be busy. Hopefully I'll get a chance to post some more stuff up before Monday but, if not, I'll see you then.

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