Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wolverines Blogging: Pryor Bad Acts

Terrelle Pryor signs with Ohio State.

So, here's how Coach Rodriguez is working out so far.

Mallet, became the top quarterback after Henne's graduation. A blue chip prospect who seemed set to become the next great, drop-back passer from Michigan. Looked decent enough for a freshman thrust into a starting role when Henne was hurt this year. Except Rodriguez runs an option based offense where you need a mobile quarterback, not a stumbling lurch even with a laser-rocket arm. So Mallet transfered away.

That left the team without a starting quarterback, of course. But that was otay because stud prospect Pryor - the Platonic model of what Rodriguez wants under center - was all but set to sign. Except instead of putting on the Michigan cap on signing day he decided to wait for a few months, until after basketball season.

Now, after months of all-out recruiting he's signed but not with Michigan but with the hated Buckeyes. Where he's no doubt going to become the second coming of Troy Smith and continue their recent dominance over the Wolverines.

Michigan still doesn't have a quarterback, by the way, and is probably now either going to have to find some third-stringer or convert a running back. Can you say rebuilding year?

By the way, Rodriguez is being sued for millions of dollars by his former university. That they say he owes them because he signed a contract saying he'd have this huge buyout if he left to go to Michigan. But he says he doesn't owe them the money. The reason? The contract doesn't count because he was promised something different.

I'm not even going to get into the clusterfuck over the stadium renovations because, you know, what can the coach really do about that?

Oh yeah, this is working out great.

Ah well, at least we have...uh, no, not

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