Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yule Tidings

Once again, I hope your holiday was as pleasant as mine. Things went rather well around here. From our annual tradition, the petards de fete, I managed to land an aquatic Derringer; the smallest water pistol known to man. At first, I dared not part with it. One never knows when one will find oneself in a heated water gun battle, after all, in these troubled days. But I wound up trading for a pair of round dice that will take up a position of honor in my Crown Royal bag. I could tell you more stories, like the search for the elusive Oxygen Bomb or how my sister made my mother cry. But for now, though an emergency trip to Chicago has been called in order to get my brother to his (incredibly cheap) there on time for his connecting flight to a place where the temperature doesn't hover around freezing. And I have not the time nor the inclination for more. Not sure if I'll be able to get much up for the next few days but, hey, it's the holidays.

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