Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cup Those Hands 'Gainst The Ill Blown Winds

You know, ever time I think the world has gone insane. That we're burning and burning ever dowards to a pile of cinders. And there are so many problems and so few solutions that I don't even know where to start let alone if I should. There's always that little ray of hope that shines through the storm of doubt and uncertainty that clouds my thoughts. Well, here's yesterday's. The FISA bill killed.

For now. As a wise man once said, "Let's not start sucking each others' dicks quite yet."

But let me jus echo the points already made so excellently (As usual) by Mr. Greenwald here.

It's not always about winning. It's about not losing badly sometimes, too. But, sometimes, it's really nice to have a win or two to point to as the reason behind the struggles. The wind of hope in your sails as you tack head on into the sea of troubles opposing you. It's the last, slender flicker of heat and warmth dancing on the candle that you craddle so carefully in your hands, protecting it from going out completely, that gives you the strength, the courage to keep fanning it back to life. The world is going to hell, true, ruin surrounds us on all sides and dire consequences await our failure. And it would be easy, oh so easy, to give up and slip away into the long, cold night rather than try to fight that good fight. But that's always been true. Always will be true. As long as there's history. As long as there's been civilization. Men and women will struggle to keep whatever they think is right and important seen safely into the hands ot the generations that follow. And rather be ground down by that constant and ceaseless ordeal, frightened by the ease of defeat and the paucity of victory, instead we have to feel proud. Have to horde and treasure the few examples of success that we can find, no matter how small and fleeting they may be. Because those are what will give us comfort in the darkest times that lay ahead.

It's not self-congratulation to bask in the wan glow of this win. It's a stepping stone. A building block to bolster our defenses and stiffen our resolve. Bigger, better, stronger, faster we'll be back to fight this battle and more.

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