Friday, December 21, 2007

Guild Wars: Like a Kid on Christmas Morning

Logged in today for the first time in a while on the off chance that Wintersday had kicked off in earnest. Sadly, while it seems the reskinning bunnies have torn through the old, familiar place that the reasons I actually care (ie the Snowball fights. Although I suppose I'll check out the Lair of the Snowmen to see what's up there as well.) have not yet made their way to where I can click on them yet.

The season, though, is in the pregnant air. Decorations have been hung, by the villages, with care. The santa hats are on the Lions' heads, while visions of candy canes dance in the heads of those strange little players who should be on meds.

Right, I will stop that now before we get to the "On Shock Wars, on B-Surge! Now, Crip Shot, now Poison!" bit...

In other words, the event is tantalizingly close. But the good stuff won't go live until some time later this afternoon. My time, anyway. Noon-ish Guild Wars Standard. Although it'll probably run a bit late, following the usual pattern. As of now, it's just the chirstmassy decorations that are up in LA and Nightfall-LA, none of the quest givers.
Interestingly enough, although I didn't stop in at each and every GW:EN outpost none of them seem to have been redecorated. I mean, I suppose at least the ones in the Far Shiverpeaks are already appropriately themed. But, well, at least even Drok's gets a bit of eyecandy around this time of year. I would have thought at least Olaf would be down for the party, if nothing else. Granted, it would take some workhours to create the new artwork instead of simply reusing the old ones but it still seems like a bit of a waste.

Anyhow, before I go, I thought I'd mention this gem that showed the lat time I checked my guild's battle history. Did I mention I'm in a guild yet? No, probably not since it happened over the November that time remembered. But, yes, I'm guilded again. Except that I'm not. It's rather complicatedly simple but it's actually a fairly good one. Good enough that I worry I should quit and drop the tag before I suck it up Snowballin' and make them look bad by association. And I hesitate to mention it lest it seem like, you know, bragging. Eh, I worry too much about these things. I think I'll keep the tag, save my friends the eventual reinvite cost, and see how it goes today . Whether or not it gets me a lot of unwarranted attention and unwelcomed focus of fire, in other words.

Why did I get off on this tangent in the first place? Oh right, I saw this great guild name under the status tab which has since presumably been nuked by the censors and I just have to preserve it for posterity's sake: Your Mom Is My Epic Mount.

Sometimes, I really love the people who play this game.

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