Monday, December 31, 2007

The Ball and Its Dropping

Long time no blog. I know, I know. Consider me duly castigated. Had to take my brother to the west in order to make the flight which saved him a non-Geico bundle. And once I was done, I decided to visit some friends in Chicagoland and you know how it goes.

I'm back home now, left-overs from the family get-to-gether still safe and sound in the crisper. I look forward to endless days of turkey sandwiches and turkey nachos and, by the end, turkey ice cream and no doubt other gastronomic abortions visited upon my digestive tract in the name of frugality. Hate throwing that stuff out, you know?

Anyhow, we managed to have a white Christmas. Barely, thanks to the lingering piles of snow not quiet managing to melt before the day of some people's savior's birth. But I seem to have returns to a world of mud and muck. The sky is gray. The land is brown. Just cold enough to melt. Just warm enough not to freeze. A storm threatens to upset this uneasy equilibrium but, for now, it's dreary and dire and, fortunately, I have plenty of new books to get warm and cozy with.

I have, for the past few days, been working on a guide, of sorts, to the Snowball Fights. Why, I'm not really sure except a lingering desire to help others. Instead of, you know, writing off the rest of the human race as a loss. Just one of those goals I set out to meet by the year's end.

Of course, another goal was to get my next Gamer rank. And my past few days of idle meant I've slid well behind my pace. So, we're in the classic "write about the game or play the game instead of writing about it" dilemma here and I think you know which way this is going here.

I'm something like 600 points away from my admittedly meaningless title. But, hey, when you think about it like that, what's ever really worth anything? It's all memories of fleeting light. And, if you'll excuse me, with over half a hundred victories to pound out before the close of the year, I've got some memories to make.

Until next year everyone. Stay safe, stay sound, and stay happy.


Revan Ancaria said...

Well in respect to Eddy Murphy from Coming To America;
Merry New Year! Ahahahahahahaha!

Sausaletus Rex said...

Well, thanks again, Revan.

Love that movie. And to paraphrase back, "When you think of garbage, think of me!"