Sunday, December 2, 2007

Football Blogging: I Wish I Could Say I'm Surprised

Well. There goes the Lion's seasons down the tubes. A must win game if they wanted to make the playoffs and avoid a massive letdown to close out the year and they lay an egg. And, again, the running game disappeared putting up a weak 23 yards total on something like six carries. Oh well, at least the Wings and Pistons are doing well.

Double well. The BCS Title game has apparently become the Anti-Michigan Bowl. OSU to meet LSU. I will be gouging out my eyes rather than watching. LSU I don't have a problem with their being there - an overtime loss shouldn't count for as much as one in regulation - but the countless sideline shots of Miles will angry up my blood something fierce. But I still have no idea how OSU gets to even sniff a national championship given their weak schedule and the down year for their conference. Ah well, at least it means Illinois gets to go to the Rose, which should be an interesting trip, and that Michigan gets a New Year's bowl. Feels like they've played Florida a lot lately, though. And, yes, I expect they're going to get crushed.

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