Monday, December 3, 2007

Hell Week

I caution you that blogging might be...intermittent for a little bit. We're in the middle of a hectic week for me. We're gearing up for finals in my classes. And with the holidays approaching there's plenty to be done around the house. And all the things I set aside during the mad dash towards the finish line during November are coming past due. While I want to get some other projects of my own off the ground. Might not have enough time to sit around and type out my thoughts, is what I'm saying. And if I drop out of sight for a while now you know why. I should, though, have enough content queued up that you won't notice the difference. But, believe me, I'm going to be busy this week.

One thing I'm working on is my next novel. Which is actually a return to an old novel but, you know, I want to keep that NaNo spirit burning for as long as I can. Anyhow, it's what I wrote - or tried to write - last November. I always meant to get back to it in the hopes that I could do it justice and, now, I think I can. It's a bit personal for me since it strikes close to some things I've tried to work out myself but I think that's where good art comes from - a personal, private place, that you rip out of your chest and show to the world in the hopes it responds. With a bit more distance, a bit more maturity, and a lot more practice I think my writing's going to be stronger.

The story is set in the closed test of an upcoming video game. Featuring the people playing it, in the end, it's about how the experience affects them. I'll hopefully have more to say about it in the coming days and weeks but, for the moment, here's my current logline: "A ragtag guild of lovable losers in the closed test of an MMORG have to deal with their unexpected success and inevitable failure." Which is a bit long for a logline but I don't think "A guild of lovable losers has to deal with their unexpected success" is descriptive enough.

I'm already in pre-production. Laying out the characters and scenes and everything else I've learned I'll need before starting out. If there's one thing Frenzy taught me it's that planning pays off in the end. And if there's one thing NaNo taught me it's that it's better to do something at all rather than nothing. I'm a bit excited about it, in case you can't tell. Don't know what it is but I enjoy building these worlds more than I do working them out into finished form.

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