Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fly My Pretties! Fly My Pretties!

Some behind the scenes work going on as you may or may not have noticed. New widget installed on the site. As I've added the ap from add this that everyone seems so taken with. In order to provide an easy way for people to link and share my posts with the wider world, drive traffic, collect underpants, profit. I feel an overwhelming urge to shout about web 2.0 and the importance of viral marketing and something about my will being done without even having to ask by a swarm of flying monkeys right now. But, frankly, even I'm puzzled by that line of thought.

I opted for the new fangled drop down model over the traditional staid button. Fewer clicks and loads theory and all. Think I'm happy with it for now although I've noticed that mousing over tends to obscure the comment link for an aggravatingly long period of microseconds before it fades. This doesn't bother me as that's not how I get to the comments section and given the staggering lack of volume it's not like anyone else is using them much either. But let me know if it gets annoying and I'll see what I can do about placement and replacement with options better.

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