Monday, July 2, 2007

This Blog Is Rated!

I knew I should have written that post about Dick Cheney sniffing cocaine off the erect cocks of gay prostitutes while having his own penis fondled by an underage slut during the weekly Congressional orgy. That's the kind of smut filled talk that really earns you some bloggo-cred. But, since I haven't yet for future reference this blog is rated:

Online Dating

That's going to hurt us in the crucial pre-teen demographic, you know.

Seriously, as you can tell from the comment thread at Mr. Yglesias's where this little thing was found, it's extremely touchy and prudish. Just like the real MPAA! I got an R by using “dead” four times, “hell” three times, “punch” twice, and “gun”. I'll note that the use of “gun” came during the phrase “smoking gun”. And one of the uses of “dead” is in the, I'm sure, bone-chilling phrase “a dead run” in one of my script excerpts. Actually, most of the objectionable content seems to come from those snippets. But, you know, not the most accurate rating scheme ever.

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