Monday, July 2, 2007

More On Libby

Because he was convicted in federal court, the President commuted his sentence. That means no jail time but he still pays a $250k fine and two years probation.

I'm just stunned, I guess. Because now Paris Hilton's served more jail time than Libby. And spare me the bullshit that keeping the fine and the rest intact actually matter here. This was always about accountability and having some well-connected, well-heeled politician cut a check while not facing jail time is not as effective a deterrent.

And, yes, spare me the bullshit that there was no crime here. No underlying crime. You know why there's no proof of an underlying crime? Because Libby obstructed justice so that we'll never know. Which is a crime in and of itself. The gravest sort of crime for a public official because it doesn't just thwart the pursuit of justice it undermines the very institutions they've been sworn to uphold and protect.

And, again, spare me the idea that there was no cover-up here. That Libby's just as addled an amnesiac as, say, the Department of Justice. The past week's relevations of just how far and how deep the roots of corruption have sunk in the Vice President's office would seem to put the lie to that particular narrative. But, you know, when have facts got in the way of a good talking point?

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