Monday, July 2, 2007

Report to the Gravel Pit

Right, so, Gravel Pit is awful, isn't it? Reads like the Wu saw acts like Biggie and so forth getting massively paid and decided to throw a random R&B singer into the mix. Like they decided to chase some radio play with a dancehall hit. It's like everything bad about the East Coast rap scene at the time rolled into one song. And the video featuring the WuTang in Bedrock with a kung fu fight at the end? If there's a point where the group "jumped the shark" for lack of a better term, that had to be it. Because it just doesn't have the same impact, the same raw power of, say, C.R.E.A.M. or, say:

Or even this from earlier on the disk:

Or this from Iron Flag:

It's kinda sad, then, but I actually prefer this era, this sound to the rest. That song and the album it comes from are my favorite of the Wu Tang catalog. Probably says something unflattering about me, but there you are.

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