Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wolverines Blogging: The Utes (Game One)

Their colors, by the way, are crimson and white (Far be it from someone who calls yellow "maize" and has actually seen the hermetically sealed swatches they use to control the accuracy of that coloration to complain about the name of some other school's colors...)

The more I learn about this team, the more worried I become about today's game.

Utah's strength is in its defense. Michigan's weakness is going to be its offense. Adapting to a new system, searching for a new quarterback, and full of untested underclassmen, I expect they're going to run today. A lot. And Utah sounds like they're good at stuffing the run. This could get ugly in a hurry, especially if the Michigan D-line can't get on track and the Utah back can go off.

The line, the pundits, the polls, they all seem to favor Michigan ever so slightly. And the Wolverines here have everything to lose and the Utes everything to gain - they've been a BCS-team killer in recent years, too. That, to me, sounds like a recipe for a huge disappointment.

Which is why I'm headed out to the bar for this one - I just might need to dull the pain with soothing alcohol today.

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