Friday, August 29, 2008

Kongai: We Are Not Amused And now, a dramatic recreation of my logging into Kongregate this morning. Okay, link clicked. Site loading. What's to

And now, a dramatic recreation of my logging into Kongregate this morning.

"Okay, link clicked...

Site loading...

What's today's challenge?

Aw crap.

It's Zina.

I've already got Zina...

Two cards this week, two dupes.


Thank you, thank you, no encores, thank you.

Zina's not a bad card, mind. She's certainly come a long way from the days when she had paper-thin defenses. Adding that energy proc to her innate goes a long way towards making her decent (Did I suggest that idea or not? I can't remember, but it was certainly in my pile of ideas for improving Zina. Her chief problem was always that her super-buff innate pressed her to attack, attack, attack but just when she was earning kills her energy was drained and she had to retreat or rest. Which meant wasting her innate's boost. At least that can't happen anymore.).

But she's not a particularly good card, either.

I'm not sure why, really, since she's packing good attacks. Tiger Pounce can be deadly - it's high speed and hits pretty hard. If it had a better proc or buffs were more important, it'd be really strong. And Misstress Command is a powerful buff with a useful effect that's almost always worth casting. I think it has to do with the sparsity of her bar, its lack of synergy - there's good stuff there but there's not a lot of there there, not many skills that combine well so all you're doing is pounding away with your favorite after buffing it up. And that's kinda boring when you get right down to it. The other factor is that Zina's an energy hog who burns through her yellow bar like it's going out of style. It's not a problem if you're earning kills but it is if you're not.

All in all, definitely a mid-tier card with a useful gimmick. I'd probably think better of her if I played 5-Card because that gimmick is deck-destruction. Zina with the right item (Hint: It's Deadly Poison. It's always Deadly Poison. If you put something else on Zina you're probably playing her wrong. Or you're some kind of freaky Kongai-god who's months ahead of everyone else when it comes to strat. Either way, shut up. I hate you.) can swiftly decimate a handful of cards. Killing you before you even know you're dead. Like any such card she gets better in a target rich environment, though.

So, not a card I'll be using much. If, you know, I ever got a chance to use my cards (Sigh...).

Not that that matters because I ALREADY HAD ZINA!

Sad but true, Zina's the first card I ever unlocked. I was wasting some time at yet another flash game site, playing one game or another and I saw there was this card to unlock. If only I was registered and signed up and logged in and all the other hassles I'd never bothered with. But that picture... That image of that striking girl and her huge tiger cat... The tantalizing promise of all those numbers and symbols and what they could possibly mean... And, well, I registered up and the rest of my sad, strange journey with the Kong is history.

So, she'll always have a soft spot in my heart. If not a place in my decks.

Fingers crossed for Anex or Ubuntu next week.

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