Friday, August 8, 2008

That's Two Americas, Not Two Marriages...

Wow, Edwards admits to an affair back in 2006. And it might involve a lovechild and possible hush money for the other woman involved.

You know, way back when, I leaned towards Edwards as my first choice in the presidential primary. Would have been happy with Obama, am happy with Obama. Really, I would have been happy with anyone who wasn't Clinton. But Edwards seemed much more in tune with my tone and my personal politics than any other alternative. And I've always regretted a little bit that he fell into the shadow of Obama and Clinton and couldn't figure a way out.

Now, though, maybe it's a good thing he didn't win that nomination, after all. This sort of thing coming out in October would have ruined him.

And it's probably ruined him right now. At least in the short run. Maybe for any future shots at the White House but definitely robbed him of any chance of winning this year's veepstakes. There's no way Obama picks up a running mate with a cloud like that hanging over him - because there's no way that Edwards gets the soft treatment that apologetic social conservatives who cheat and make the infamous teary eyed speech with a supportive prop spouse as prop supporting him in the background get; the media loves to tear into him.

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