Saturday, August 30, 2008

Caught the Palin Speech

Just finished watching Sarah Palin deliver her first speech as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate thanks to the magic of the intertubes. A few thoughts:

First, she and her daughter looked cute together but she and McCain together looked like he was the kindly grandfather in the generational portrait. McCain might have picked Palin to inject some youth into his campaign but I think it only serves to highlight just how creepily old he really is.

Second, boy, she really hammered the point that her son is going off to serve in Iraq. Now, all well and good and, of course, more members of the families of our political elites should be serving. But contrast that speech with Beau or Joe Biden's on Wednesday night. Same situation - child of prominent politician going off to fight - and only the briefest of allusions to the fact. That, right there is the contrast between Republicans and Democrats. The Dems support our troops and honor their sacrifices. The Repubs uses them as stage dressing.

Finally, Tina Fey is going to pop up on SNL this season a lot.

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