Friday, August 8, 2008

Fury: Closing Thoughts

I see Fury has finished stacking up the chairs and is about to turn off the lights and call it a night.


I know a lot of people who were interested in the game, including some old pals from my Guild Wars days. Never got to give the game a trial myself, it was merely on my list of games to try one day when I had the time. But, looks like I'm never going to get that opportunity.

Goes to show, I guess, that a purely PvP game just isn't going to survive unless it's, you know, Battlefield something or comes in an orange box - after all, FPSes do the combat thing and do it, for the most part, better, what advantage does a fantasy MMOey type game have that would draw that crowd away? And how do you draw people into the PvP without a PvE side to keep them entertained when there's nothing else to do or they're unsure of their abilities? Questions, I think, that Fury was never able to answer.

Still, asking not for whom the bell tolls, it's always a shame to see a game that so many have put such hard work into and devoted so much of their time towards go under.

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