Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Kind of Activist Judge


So, Hizzoner broke the bond arrangement in his trial. He wasn't supposed to leave the city without checking with the court first and he stepped across the river to the Great White North some time last month (There's this whole big thing about selling off the Windsor tunnel in order to balance the city's books - Kilpatrick's been fire and brimstoning for months that not getting the deal done will force the cutting of a lot of city jobs. In case you're not a local, not up on your geography, or are not yet the age of eighteen, Windsor's that little bit of Canada that's right across the river from Detroit.). The prosecutor complained and the judge revoked his $75k bond and threw him in jail. Here's the video:


Ah, accountability.

There'll be an appeal tomorrow morning where Kilpatrick's team of lawyers will no doubt figure out some way of keeping him out of the slammer before long. But, at the very least, he's going to be spending tonight in prison. Or whatever high-security arrangement they wind up putting him in - it's not like he's going to be mixing with the general population or anything, after all.

So, it's not going to be permanent but it's a start. When asked why the mayor had left town or, in so many words, "Who was dying?" the mayor's lawyer replied "The City of Detroit was sick." Which is true, but what it's sick of is this whole stupid mess. With the scare put into his mother in the primary (And, really, if it hadn't have been a 3-way race, she'd probably be in the loser's circle right now.) and now this, maybe the message that this is actually serious has finally been driven home.

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