Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fit Thrown

It never fails. The Republicans have mastered the art of throwing the press release hissy fit. Repeating the same phrase and stomping their feet to generate mock outrage and for some reason - probably the repetition - the media pays attention. It allows them to mold the message, to warp the narrative, and is part and parcel of how well they manage to turn their opponent's strengths into their weaknesses.

The Republican hissy fit this year seems to be that the stage for Obama's speech tonight features columns. It having been modeled after the Lincoln Memorial - not only is Obama from the Land of Lincoln and making a powerful statement about just how far this country's come in the span of a 150 years it's also the site of Dr. King's most famous speech and today is only its 40th anniversary. Instead of, you know, being uplifting symbolism that alludes to some of the greats of the past it shows that he's elitist. Or presumptuous. I don't get it but I do understand why half the nation tunes out politics entirely.

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