Friday, November 7, 2008

Wolverines Blogging: The Apostasy

Last weekend, for the first time in a long time, I didn't catch the Michigan game.

I've missed watching games before, here and there, because of work or school or chores or some other unfortunate drag on my time. But when I've had the chance, I've always managed to watch. And when I haven't, I've at least tried to steal a bit of time to hear a snippet or three on the radio or to check the scores online. I'd even just leave in on, in the background, as I went about something else.

Not last week, though, and I'm glad I didn't. Because last week's game against Purdue was the kind that rips out a fan's heart and stomps all over once it's on the ground. The Wolverines scored the most points of any game this season, going well over their near-to-last-in-the-nation's average of 24. But they also managed to give up the most points of any given game as well. And since they've been thrashed by Illinois and Penn State for five or six scores each, that's saying something.

Last week's game was a shoot-out and when the team's lone returning strength was supposed to be its defense, that's disappointing. When the team they struggled and failed to outscore was Purdue, that's crushing. Nothing against the Boilermakers, of course, but they're embroiled in their own season of woe and swallowing their own biter tears.

Michigan lost that game, lost a chance for a winning season, lost any hope of a bowl bid, and, more than that, they've lost any of the mystique they used to have. Michigan is no longer Michigan, they're now just another team with funny looking helmets.

This week's game is against Minnesota and if the Wolverines can't beat Purdue, I don't even know what's going to happen since the Gophers are, you know, kinda good. And what does Michigan have left to play for? Pride? If they had that then they would have played harder all season long. No, I predict this game is going to turn ugly, especially if UofM gets behind fast.

I couldn't watch last week. I won't this one, either. Not because I don't care. But because I'm afraid of what I might see.

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