Monday, November 3, 2008

RDK: The Next Step

Over the weekend, I finished writing the rest of the Rex Does Kongai posts for the expansion that I've decided to call S-O-3. Still have a bit of work to do before they're ready to post. Formatting and going over them to try and catch any typos since my spelling has gone to pot lately. Then I have to do the boring work of updating the compendium and everything else before putting the project to bed.

But rather than hurrying to post them up, however, and because I'm sick of the whole thing at the moment I think that I'm going to bleed them out over the next week or two. The NaNo spirit is upon me and I could use a bit of a strategic reserve of content.

But, since the project was a hit (Well, okay, not really but I at least had fun.) I won't be done with it just yet. Because, I don't just have the SO3 set, I have the 4W set and RDK, too (That last one's a backronym by the way.) that I've built up over the months, too. And it wouldn't take too much work to turn my notes on those into a few posts.

So, here's what I'm going to do. I'll try to post one of the cards from those sets each day. There are 30 days this month and, of course, 20 characters in each set. Rather than double up, though, I'll try to post a group - 5 characters - each week, starting with a post explaining each group and setting out their designs. Then, over the weekend, I'll post their items and a final summary of each group. If I go in order, by the end of November, I'll be through the RDK set. And if I'm not completely sick of it, I'll continue on in December with the next.

The first posts, featuring the Zealot group and the buff tank, Louis, should go live some time later tonight. And I'll continue on with the rest of the Zealots in the coming days and by, next week, I'll have picked another group to reveal.

That should, at least, give me a few posts to show for myself this month.

Keep in mind with these cards, though, that many of them are early works. I would probably do a lot better if I went back and reworked them today. Something I'm not likely to do since I don't really have the time. Even though I probably won't be able to resist making a tweak or two. I'd welcome any feedback, of course, just don't expect these cards to be too amazing. They're only doodles that I've done in my spare time.

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