Monday, November 3, 2008

NBA Blogging: Enter Mister Many Shots

Like a lot of Pistons fans, I was disappointed that the team couldn't make a deal over the summer. The organiazation had said they wanted to shake things up, to finally jetison their successful core and make the bold move they needed to move forward. Or, at least, past their rivals in the East. That didn't happen, though, and like, I think, most Pistons fans, I wasn't too disappointed. Dumars has made a lot of right moves in building a consistent winner and if he didn't make a deal it was probably another one - no sense panicking and getting only cents on the dollar and destroying the team.

Why pull the trigger? A new coach, more time for the rookies, it could work out well and there was always the chance someone else could panic during the season and offer up a blue chip trade.

You know, I figured a deadline move, the addition of a mid-major piece and another march to the conference finals.

I didn't expect them to trade for Iverson two games into the season.

The Answer a Piston.


You know, this shouldn't be such of a surprise - I remember the Pistons trying to swing a massive deal for him back before he wound up in Denver. But...


Personally, I'm one of those who thinks that AI's not only always been a little overrated and now almost has to be on the decline. But...a backcourt with Rip and the Answer with Stuckey coming off the bench?

Better yet, Iverson is in the final season of his contract so if it doesn't work out that's plenty of cap room to make a move.

Then again, both Iverson and Hamilton on the same court? Like with Anthony and the Answer, are there going to be enough balls to go around?

There's a lot to like about this deal. Then again, there's a lot not to like.

The original idea was to trade an aging star like Chauncy or Rip or even El Sheed for an up and comer, a new stud that could go along with Stuckey and Maxiell to form a new core (Although they can still do that over this summer or the next if they don't resign Iverson). Even if you don't think Iverson is on his last legs - as I do - they're still far from fresh. And the Pistons had to give up McDyess, too, although it's not a surprise that Billups was out.

Still, the thing about this deal is that it might be good or it might be bad but it's at least a change. And that, more than anything, might be just what this team needs.

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