Monday, November 3, 2008

RDK: The Zealots

Idea: A militant order of religious fanatics, warriors-priests with a defensive bent.
Name: Zealous and Sacred Monastic Order of the Temple Entrance (Zealous SMOTE)
Color: White
Icon: A cross shaped sword, the blade pointed downwards, or a pointed cross with its arms forming the handles of the hilt.
Backstory: Established centuries ago when the lands were still ravaged by the the wars with the mad sorcerer known as Dominus Rex and his hordes of undead. To prevent such evils from ever occurring again, the Zealous Order stood on guard, hunting down supernatural menaces before they had a chance to plague the world. Operating in secret, staying behind the scenes, and working from the mountaintop monastery they called home, the Order trained vigilantly in the arts of war, raising an army of fanatics to fight for their causes. For their leaders had long known of the prophesies that foretold that, one day, Dominus himself would return. Warned by a special young girl they now know that these visions have become true. The Order has prepared for these very days since their earliest days but, now, even with all their strength, that may not be enough. The Lich-king has returned and, soon, the dead will once more walk the earth. Their legends say that the endtimes have begun. Now girded for what may be their final war, the Order has sent its champions forth. A group of holy warriors, gifted with as many of objects of power that they could spare, sent out on the odd hope that they may succeed where an army cannot.
Design: Fanatical warrior-priests, able to heal themselves and harm their foes. They reserve a special enmity for the dark arts and foul magics that result in debuffs – they'll hate them right off of the field. Defensive characters that tend to have a lot of padding and protective buffs of their own, with flexible cards that can function at either range, the Zealots can be a handful.
Shared Mechanics: Debuff Hate – Zealot characters tend to have ways of dealing harshly with debuffs. Flexibly Ranged – Zealot cards can either operate well from either range or have abilities that allow them to excel when the range is changed. Defense – Zealot cards are defensively oriented, tending to have some form of protective buffs or healing that better enable them to survive.

  1. Father Alcinder, The Hierophant
  2. Sister Bridgette, The Shield Maiden
  3. Elia Pucelle, A Special Child
  4. Brother Louis, The Templar Knight
  5. Brother Ghilbert, The Witch-Finder
  1. Ancient Relic
  2. Battle Standard
  3. Crusader's Shield
  4. Magebane Powder
  5. Sacred Text

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