Monday, November 3, 2008

Maybe He Is The Chosen One

I don't know about anywhere else but around here, at least, tomorrow is supposed to be an unseasonably nice day. Warm and sunny and more than a little better than the dreary, bleary day full of rain that we suffered through today for standing a few hours in line to vote.

I've heard some pundits and commentators say that good weather along the East might not actually be a good thing - Obama's already got such a big lead thanks to early voting and the less people who vote tomorrow the less chance there is of an upset. But, if you ask me, there can only be good things that come from having as many people vote as possible.

Tomorrow, I think, we're going to see the waters roll back and an energized electorate rise from the depths. It's going to be a sunny day but that won't be the only beautiful thing to see.

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