Monday, January 14, 2008

NFL Blogging: Wha Happened?

Okay, well, looks like week two of the playoffs was not as kind to me as week one. Only correctly predicted one outcome and that was the most obvious one. Ouch.

The Green Bay game, my upset special, looked to be going my way. Seattle was getting the early turnovers and were capitalizing. And then the snow started falling. But even without that, I think that game was headed the Packers way. Farve wasn't trying to outgun the Seahawks, he was methodically picking them apart and spreading the ball around. Not forcing the ball into double or tirple coverage and doing, in other words, everything he needed to do to win the game. Combine that with the RB going off and the weather conditions and, well, that's a blowout.

I, like just about every other right thinking individual outside of San Diego, went with the Colts over the Bolts. I said the Chargers needed to knock the champs out, that was the only way they could win this:

I was wrong. Like most monumental upsets, I'm not sure if it was a matter of the Chargers playing well or the Colts playing poorly. The turnovers that took points off the board seem to point towards the latter. Also, I have to check but did Mike Martz get added to the Indianapolis staff lately? Because they all but abandoned the run, good and early, just the way he likes it. Just, I said going in that rust wouldn't hurt the Colts, that they were too veteran, too experienced, too good for that and whether it was lazy play or poor coaching decisions, they got outplayed. Then again, if you told me the Chargers would lose both Thomlinson and Rivers I would never have believed you telling me they'd still win.

Their reward is a trip to face the 17-0 Patriots, of course. Brady was a Michigan Mensch, going 26 for 28, about as close to perfect as you're going to get. Obviously, I like the guy and he's the best quarterback in....ever, probably. But the Patriots must be stopped. And I'm not sure they can be anymore. It's felt like the season was boiling down to a monumental showdown between the Colts and Pats. It's odd that it's not going to happen now. I'm not sure a warm weather team like the Chargers can beat the Pats in the middle of a New England January. Especially if their running back is banged up and they're starting their back-up QB.

The game I'm most boggled by, though, was the Cowboy loss. Still have no idea how it happened. I suspect it had something to do with this:

That's right, it seems there's a sorted triangle of love and desperation lurking within the Cowboy locker room. Was TO too upset at all the attention his beloved Tony was paying to one, Mizz Simpson? Did their frosty stares and awkward silences sap the energy away from their teammates?

All kidding aside, what a bitch. And I still have no idea how Dallas lost that game. They did everything they needed to win. Controlling the ball with clock chewing megadrives. Limiting turnovers. They shot themselves in the foot with penalties. But, in the end, I think it boils down to all the concerns about Romo - if not the Chicken of the Sea, Hollywood Tonight hype - being right. And Eli Manning, of all people, putting in a clutch performance.

That sets up the Chargers at Patriots, as I've said, and the Giants at the Packers next weekend. I have some thoughts about those, but I think I'll save them for the weekend.

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